Friday, August 30

Is Your Filter in Place?

I like characters who don't have a filter. I don't mean characters who say things just to be cruel, but characters who say what's on their minds. But real people with no filter? Not so much. While no filter may be cute coming from babies and little old ladies, (Sophia was my favorite Golden Girl) it's not cute when coming out of the mouth of someone whose main goal is to be mean.

Blake and Ella, characters in my latest book, Ella Ever After, are the type of people who sometimes forget to put their filter in place. They're not evil people, but they tend to speak without thinking. Blake is the biggest culprit. His blunt way of speaking adds to his charm.  And he makes me laugh. I love a man with a good sense of humor.

Ella's  and Blake's story will be released by Red Sage in Janaury. I hope you'll give them a try.


  1. One of the great things about fiction is that we can remove the filters, but I think I want to keep them in place in real life!

  2. Me, too, Liz! In fiction, those non-filters make for interested characters and plot-twists and emotional real life, when meanness is the reason, not so much. Great post, Shawn!


  3. Agreed. My sister has gotten into so much trouble over the years because she refuses to use her filter--like telling a boss to F off. "I don't know why I was fired"

    And her excuse is that she's just like our dad. Well, our dad was a Navy man for 20 years and not in the senior hierarchy, so somewhere along the line, he used a filter. Although with age, he stopped. LOL. There's something about some old men and women--they think everyone is entitled to their unfiltered opinion and actually want to hear it.

  4. Oh, the dreaded filter lapse! I've been guilty so many times!

    Good luck with the book, Shawn. I love a character with no filter!

  5. What a good post, ladies.Loved getting to know you better. Barb Bettis