Monday, August 5

On my desk

The other Wranglers said we'd done this before, but since I can't remember it, I thought I'd write about what's on my desk.

First is my desk itself. It belonged to a college professor in Vermont who didn't want to move it to where he was retiring to. He and my son worked together and he offered it to my son, who offered it to me, and then brought it from Vermont to Indiana. It's big and oak and fits right in front of my window and I love it. I haven't had it all that long, which explains why you can still see its top.

My plant is a spider plant my husband started from the babies off the plant someone gave him when he retired a few years ago. I brought it out to my office and haven't killed it. Yet.

My sister-in-law sent me the snowman for my birthday. I have this great love for snowmen, and this one lights up. I was going to put him away till December, but don't you think he looks nice there on the corner?

This is the view from the window. I'm a country girl, and this is my favorite thing to look at.

Now that I've done this, I think maybe my desk isn't too exciting. What about yours--got anything good on it?


  1. Love it all! The desk, the plant, the snowman, the view! Perfect!

  2. What a great desk! And what a cool idea for a blog post! I have a basket full of pens, reading glasses, tissues, and other people's business cards. a printer, a stack of scratch paper, a marble box with lip gloss in it and a beaver.

  3. I fell in love with the view! Since my office is I'm the front of the house, I usually keep the blinds closed. The only view I have is my future DIL's house and our front porch.

  4. Love the desk! And the view--although if I was looking out at that, I'd probably get nothing done.

  5. Thanks for stopping by, everybody! I should have taken a picture of my glasses, Nan--oh, they were on my face! :-)

  6. Love your desk and the view from your window. My desk is a huge oak deal w/ a hutch and a wraparound desk. I argued vehemently that we didn't need this behemoth when my husband bought it 15 years ago. Now--after a few moves--he is itching to get rid of it while I'm clinging to it tooth and nail.

  7. I never go anywhere without my trust box of tissues...because of my allergies. Jeez, get your mind out of the gutter.

    I definitely keep tissues handy for those emergency nose blows that strike at the most inconvenient moments.

    Thanks for sharing! Your desk looks like a lovely writer's haven!

  8. LOL, Reese. We have a few items like that, too! Yes, my box of tissues is there, too, Jessi. I don't move without'em. :-(