Wednesday, August 14

Stream of...Video

I'm sitting here in the wee hours because I can't sleep. And yet I also can't think of a single, coherent topic to talk about. And I'm doing what I always do when sleep is a distant dream and conscious thought a figment of my imagination.

I'm watching Big Bang Theory clips on YouTube. I love the show, although I admit that it took a while to warm up to it. What I love are the quirky characters, the nerdiness (because I *am* a big nerd, y'all) and the deep affection all the characters have for one another. I like to imagine that the actors playing the characters have the same relationship off-screen. Although, if they did Sheldon/Jim would probably be actually dead by now. So maybe it's good there are characters and then actors who are very different.


Since I still can't really write coherently, I'll just share a few of my favorite Big Bang Theory Moments.

3. Sheldon and Amy dancing. I have no rhythm, so I imagine these two dancing is...well, very much like non-rhythmical me. Even though in my (vivid) imagination I look more like those ballroom dancers who win all the trophies. What do you think?

2. Penny and Sheldon and the Moonpie. This one is self-explanatory. Just watch it.

1. There have been many times 'Soft Kitty' has been pulled out to comfort one character or another...but everyone needs a personal lullaby, and so that's why any and all Soft Kitty Moments are in my Top 3. Here's just one:

Okay, your turn: have a favorite show? Favorite moment? Share in the comments!


  1. I love the BBT, although like you, it took me a while to warm up to it.
    Brandi sings Soft Kitty all the time!

  2. So does bebe, although she forgets-and-changes the words. She's too little to watch entire shows, but when they sing, we always let her watch.

  3. took me awhile to warm up to the show too. Wasn't interested until my son talked me into watching an episode...then another and so on.

    I don't know if I have a "favorite" show....I enjoy watching 48 hours and Dateline and the like...other shows I like I don't make an effort to watch, I just tune in if I happen to be around :)

  4. Love The Big Bang Theory! I have many favorite shows-Supernatural is at the top of the list :)

  5. Love BBT clips. Tiara is my favorite.

  6. I don't think I know Tiara, Liz...what's the gist?

    I've never really gotten into Supernatural, Jennifer.

    Christine, I like the true-crime Datelines...they always keep me guessing.

  7. BBT is pee-your-pants funny...even the reruns. Love it! However, I like the older ones better than the new ones. Jennifer, we're Supernatural buddies! Dean Winchester. Need I say more? Drool! In both shows, the characters, the relationships, are everything. A fun thing I do to help me improve my use of nonverbal communication between my book characters is to turn off the sound on my favorite shows and watch the characters' movements. Do they pout their lips, flip their hair, lift an eyebrow, throw their hands in the air, etc. And I don't get funny looks from those characters like I do when I watch "real" people.

    Sophia Ryan
    --She Likes It Irish

  8. I'm afraid I'm stuck in suspense. I can watch Criminal Minds reruns all day. Or I could, if I'd just get sick and have to stay in bed!

  9. I've got to watch that one of these days--it's one of Jordan's faves.

    I gravitate to Bones, Friends, and ST:TNG reruns. If I see them on, I can't turn away. It's a sickness, really.

    1. Margie, we have something in common. Friends is one of my favorite shows, and I never change the channel if ST:TNG is on.

  10. Sophia, I *love* that idea - so going to glom it becuase non-verbal communication is awesome!

    Lala, CM is my braincandy. I could watch it all day long...

    Oh, Friends...that show really holds up, doesn't it, Margie?

  11. The soft kitty video cracked me up! My husband's name is Sheldon, but I don't think I would have liked him if he acted like that.

  12. I love BBT. I can watch the reruns again and again. I teach a psychology class at a community college and use BBT clips throughout the semester. The one "Sheldon trains Penny" is a classic when talking about learning theory.