Friday, August 9

The Writing Cave

This is my desk. I've had it for ten years. Many times, I've considered a replacement, but I've gotten used to it. It's what I'm comfortable with. And it's big enough for all my stuff! I love working with a double monitor. I use my laptop for writing, and the other monitor is for research, crits that I want to incorporate into the story, watching my emails, and keeping an eye on my facebook page. I'm able to multi-task without having to click back and forth. And I always keep my emotion thesaurus close by. I love this little book. I've learned that heroes and heroines, can do more than sigh. I had one heroine sigh so much in a story, she should have hyperventilated before chapter four. I also keep the engraved pen and pencil set my son gave me to celebrate my first published book. You may not be able to tell from the pic, but right behind the thesaurus is my collection of pens and highlighters. That's right folks, I'm a pen thief!

One of my two bookcases. I got most of this collection from my mother. Lot's of African American history here. I've even got an autographed book from Alex Haley! My pubbed books are mostly African American or interracial paranormal romance. One of my characters died in England in 1904. My bookcase had just what I needed.
Right next to my desk, is my junk desk. Not everything here is junk. There are a few TBR's here. Notice the two pairs of glasses? One is my regular pair, which I hate wearing, and the other is for reading. Who am I kidding? I don't wear them either. I also have print versions of manuscripts here. I can't throw anything away. Anything writing related.
I also have my getaway and relax space. Sometimes, I want to read instead of write. Unfortunately, some people have the strange idea that this the place to sit and talk to me while I write. Uh, no.
So that's it folks. My writing cave. There's no great view behind the blinds, just my neighbor's house. I also have a bulletin board next to my desk with hot men on it, but since I don't own the photos, I can't show that. But I can tell you, it's a helluva view! Until next time, read, write and love!



  1. Very cool to get to know your writing cave! I am a pen thief as well (an accidental one--I always hang onto them after signing things at dentist's offices, etc.). Love your bookcases and the fact that you have an emotion thesaurus always handy :)

  2. How fun! Thanks for sharing! It DOES look cozy. I want to join you in there. I promise I'll be quiet.

  3. I love that you have a designated reading space in your office, too. Reading is an important part of being a writer. When we move I'd really like to create a cozy space where I can read b/c when I read on the living room couch people tend to strike up a conversation with if I'm doing nothing.