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Welcome Author Caridad Pineiro

Hi WordWrangler Readers! Please help us welcome Caridad Pineiro to the blog today; Caridad is sharing an excerpt from her latest romantic suspense, To Catch A Princess! Take it away, Caridad!

Thank you Word Wranglers for letting me visit with you!  I had thought about sharing pictures of my desk with you, but unfortunately I could not find it under the pile of clutter that’s on it!  LOL!

People might wonder how that’s possible.  Don’t writers work at their desks?

Well, I guess many do, but I’m one of those weird ones in more ways than one.

For starters, I still have my day job so that means I have to fit in my writing into whatever free time I have.  So I write on my commute to and from my Manhattan office.  I have an afternoon train buddy who is a fellow author and we sometimes bounce ideas off each other when we’re both not on our laptops, writing.

Then on weekends I get up early and get in two or three straight hours of writing.

In the summer months, that means going out on my balcony with my laptop and enjoying the sun and a breeze on occasion.  Sometimes the cat will follow me out there and keep me company.

In the winter, I hunker down on the sofa with a quilt over me and the ever faithful laptop.  After spending all week chained to a desk, I love the freedom of just stretching out and being comfy as I work.

With that writing routine, I’ve been able to write a number of books, including my latest release, TO CATCH A PRINCESS.  The beginning of the book is set in my home state of New Jersey, but the rest of it is set in glittering and luxurious Monaco.  Sigh, how I wish I could go there one day.

To write the location accurately, I did a lot of research on the Internet and in libraries, but I also was able to chat with someone who grew up there and still had family there.  It was fascinating to chat with her since there were so many unique things to know, like:

The Monegasque cannot enter or gamble in the casinos.  That’s to keep them from developing a gambling habit that will impact on their lifestyle.

There are no taxes in Monaco.

There are no airports in Monaco, just planes, trains, automobiles, and helicopters.  If you want to fly your private jet there, you have to land in nearby Nice.

Monaco has been ruled by the Grimaldi family for over 700 years.  The Grimaldi family originally hailed from Genoa in Italy.

Because I wanted a very glamorous feel for TO CATCH A PRINCESS, Princess Tatiana Ivanov and sexy detective Peter Roman will travel to Monaco and the Ivanov casino there to try and stop a multi-million dollar heist that they believe may happen during an upcoming charity event.

TO CATCH A PRINCESS is sexy and emotional, rich and elegant, and action-packed and all from the comfort of my sofa.  LOL!  Someday I’ll get to visit and I hope you will as well.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and thanks again to the Word Wranglers.

All About To Catch A Princess:

Untold wealth, a loving family, a solid career in America: the only thing Princess Tatiana lacks is the one thing she really doesn’t want—a husband. Unfortunately, her parents have just arranged her marriage to a royal from the old country. Are they kidding? It’s the twenty-first century!

Police Detective Peter Roman is a royal living incognito … and escaping a secret that has haunted his family for years. He’s been quietly in love with his best friend Prince Alexander’s sister for as long as he can remember. Little does she know that he is secretly the Grand Duke to whom she is unwillingly betrothed…

When a series of high-end jewelry heists threatens Tatiana’s exclusive charity exhibition in glamorous Monaco, the two must trap the clever jewel thief before he strikes again. In a fight for their lives, Peter’s secret identity is revealed. With danger and passion increasing to the breaking point, she must decide: catch a thief…or trust the heart of her true love.

Excerpt from To Catch A Princess: 

Tatiana opened the incoming message and tapped to open the picture that was attached.  She made it full screen and shared it with Peter.

“It’s a girl,” she said happily and grinned with joy for her brother and sister-in-law.

“Beautiful,” he said, surprising her. It was not the word she would have used to describe the messy baby still covered in who knew what goo.

But as she met his gaze, it hit her.

He hadn’t been talking about the baby.

“Does that line work on all your women?” she said, losing some of the brightness of the moment. He chuckled and shook his head. “All my women? Do you think I’m a player or what?”

“A man who looks like you—”

“Now who’s giving me a line?” he jumped in, tossing her own words back at her. But the sexy grin on his face took the sting out of what would otherwise have been a dis.

“—and has that whole bad-boy-don’t-give-a-damn—” she continued without pause until he laid a finger on her lips to silence her.

“I do give a damn, Tatochka. A lot. Especially when it comes to people I care about.”

The touch of that one digit was potent as any caress, especially when coupled with the intense way he gazed at her, his golden green eyes darkening with emotion.

Unnerved, she eased away and tried to re-establish the lighter mood they had been experiencing earlier. Raising her smartphone again to pull up the second picture Alexander sent, this one of Kathleen and him holding the baby, she said, “They make a beautiful family don’t they?”

Peter nodded and smiled. “They do. I’m glad fate brought Alexander and Kathleen together.”

“Fate? I would have thought a logical type like you wouldn’t put much store in fate.”

Peter shrugged and held out the bag with the last of the nuts. “Logic only explains so much, Tatiana.”

She should know better than to ask, but something about him just made it impossible to hold back. 
“So what do you think fate has planned for us?”

He grinned and shrugged nonchalantly once more to hide what she suspected was a well of deep emotions. “You know what they say about plans?”

“No, what do they say?”

“God laughs at men who make plans. So I guess we’ll just have to wing it.”

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All About Caridad:

New York Times and USA Today bestselling paranormal and romantic suspense author Caridad Pineiro wrote her first novel in the fifth grade when her teacher assigned a project – to write a book for a class lending library. Bitten by the writing bug, Caridad continued with her passion for the written word and in 1999, Caridad’s first novel was released. Over a decade later, Caridad is the author of more than thirty published novels and novellas. When not writing, Caridad is an attorney, wife and mother to an aspiring writer and fashionista.

Caridad’s Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

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  3. Welcome! I think the laptop was a special gift just for writers!

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