Monday, September 9

Release Day!

There's nothing we like better in the Corral than announcing the release of a great new book with a hot cover. Except for when one of the Wranglers wrote the book, then, yes, we do like that better. :-) So without further wordiness from me, I'm pleased and proud to introduce The Cowboy's Baby by D'Ann Lindun. Look, here's the dishy cover--

I do so love a black hat...and this is one of my favorites of D'Ann's stories. (Of which she has a million, I swear--just wait!) This does not mean we didn't get downright cranky with each other a time or two when she wrote it. Because, you know, I was a critique partner--how could I possibly be wrong?

Well, very easily, it turns out, but we don't have to go on with that. I was just wrong, okay?

Let me sneak a blurb in here--I'll see you further on down.

Cat O’Brien moved back to Granite, Colorado, ready to face her past. Before she is completely settled in, the daughter Cat was forced to give up for adoption appears. Eve has been thrown out of her adoptive parents’ home because she is seventeen, unwed and pregnant. Cat is ecstatic when Eve asks to live with her. Tanner Burke brings his younger daughter to Cat’s house for trick-or-treat. Stunned to see Cat again, he is even more shocked by finding his long-lost daughter . . . pregnant. Once again, he thinks adoption is the answer. This instantly puts him and Cat at odds. She will do anything to keep Eve from suffering the same pain she did, while Tanner does not want Eve to give up everything to raise her child. As Eve settles in, Cat and Tanner are forced to work together to help her. In spite of their conflict over Eve’s pregnancy, Cat and Tanner are still attracted to one ? another. And during the long night of their grandchild’s birth, Tanner and Cat both have to look at the past, and doing so, come to a place where they can forgive and love each other. 

Oh, sigh. I was going to get an excerpt from her, too, but, hey, the book's out TODAY; who needs an excerpt? Just go to all the usual places and order it.

D'Ann's picture? Oh, come on. You know D'Ann. She lives here, for heaven's sake. All right, all right, here you go. And and there's something else for you, too, another picture, because she's having this huge--and I do mean HUGE GIVEAWAY (look hard--you can see my book in there. Can't you? Well, no, I can't, either, but I think it's there. And up there at the top is one of Kristina Knight's sigh-overs.) Lemme see, I know there's a link somewhere...oh, here it is! Don't miss it. It's great. 

Okay, any questions? I know D'Ann has buy links or will have them soon. Don't let the day go by without The Cowboy's Baby. It's a keeper!


  1. Congratulations, D'Ann! Who doesn't love a sexy cowboy?! Heading to your website to check out the giveaway and Amazon to check out your books.

  2. Big congrats on the release, D'Ann!!!!! Another hit from a fabulous author!!

  3. Can't wait to dig into thus one!

  4. Thanks for coming by, all! I appreciate it.!

  5. Sorry I'm so late. Congratulations on your release!! I tweeted.