Friday, October 4

Brain Fried

I sat down in front of my computer today and something not so strange happened. Absolutely nothing. My mind went blank. This is the third week. But I decided not to simply turn off the keyboard and forget about it. I decided to peck the keys and see what happens.

A lot of my brain freeze has to do with what's been going on in my working life lately. I've been traveling to various offices in Atlanta. Quite a few of them are far, far from home. One afternoon, it took two hours for me to get home. I had enough energy to eat dinner, sit in front of the tv, and fight to stay awake so I would sleep later. I've been spending the last few evenings pretty much brain dead.

Now, I don't have to travel as much. Job is still an hour away (that's if there's no traffic) but I like the office and the people I work with, so it's not so bad. But still, I need to recharge my batteries. As for writing, your looking at what I've written in the last three weeks. Not good. But this too shall pass. I think.


  1. Hugs, Shawn. It's way hard when it's like that, but it will come back.

  2. it will, Shawn, keep the faith ... and cut yourself a little slack those long commutes are KILLER.