Thursday, November 21

Another Random Morning

I had a blog planned for this morning but woke up with a headache and can't seem to focus, so instead I'm going with a random thought blog.

Turning the channels I just found Desperado:Avalanche Ridge. I know Kristi's jealous that I'm watching Alex McArthur first thing this morning.

The other day I was on the freeway and got behind a truck that said: Construction Truck:Do not follow.

Now I must admit, an entire comedy monologue went through my head. Like:

Is this really a problem? Do people follow construction trucks to their destinations and even if they did, what would they find? People doing construction.I had to tap down my inner rebellion streak to continue onto my own destination.

And if I'm in traffic, am I supposed to pull over so I'm no longer following him?
You know that the vampire craze is over when an entire movie audience groans at the trailer for Vampire Academy. I kid you not.

We also saw a movie trailer for Divergent. Here's the thing--I read the books. I loved books one and two. Loved. Loved. Loved. The third book-not so much. It made me regret reading the first two because it ended badly. Now, I'm on the fence as to if I want to see the movie. Although Theo James, who plays Four-super hot--might make me change my mind.

So the movie we did see last night? Catching Fire. Thumbs way up all around in my household. I want to see it again. Soon.That is a series I've never regretted reading (again and again) and watching.

Is anyone watching The Blacklist? James Spader is genius, I tell you.

And speaking of genius, yesterday at the movie premiere we received a card in which the person professed to be a "crafting jeanius" We're still trying to decide if they are super bad spellers or thought they were being creative?

I'm reading Liz Flaherty's One More Summer and loving it. 

Have a great day! 




  1. Well, bless your heart! I hope you love the book and tell everybody! I watched Desperado this morning, too--only I didn't really watch the movie, just Alex McArthur; I hate the movie.

    Loved the post, Margie--I always do!

  2. *SOOOOOO* jealous! I love a little Alex, Margie! lol We're watching Blacklist - loving it. James Spader definitely keeps you on your toes

  3. My daughter came out and said I was watching a movie "Grandpa would've watched" LOL and then she promptly changed the channel. She didn't appreciate the magic that is Alex McArthur :)

  4. Not a bit surprised you're loving One More Summer--it's my comfort read. Absolutely love all of of Liz's books, but this one is my favorite.

  5. Nan--I think it was reading your comment somewhere else that made me move it to the top of my TBR pile. I was like, why haven't I read that yet???

  6. LOVE Alex McArthur. :) *sigh*
    And for the record........I used to drive a dump truck and you'd be shocked at the idiots who DO follow trucks right into (or off of) the road into "coned-off" areas --it happens every single day in construction. I saw a car drive right into wet concrete once. Ruined her car! So I totally get the signs on the back of the trucks. :)
    Now off to look at images of Alex Mc.........oh, and maybe images of Alex O'Loughlin too!