Thursday, November 7

On my way to no

 As in: NaNo this year?

Uhm. No. I don't think so.

But then--

Maybe I should try to finish my WIP or at least add 50K of substance to it. Even though the official rules of NaNo suggest that you begin with a new project. However, if you read the fine print, it says if you've finished NaNo or a book previously, it is okay to work on WIP. 

So--I was thinking about going that route. Finishing my WIP, but I hadn't committed. I didn't go to any local pre-NaNo activities or even to my NaNo page. Because I wasn't sure I wanted to commit.

What happened? 

I woke up November 1 with a new story idea. No. Strike that. I woke up with voices in my head, a plot, a beginning, and the hint of an end. And--it's in a genre I've never considered--Romantic Suspense--and thanks to reading so many D'Ann Lindun books, I think I might have a shot (in the dark). There's also a hint of magic in there (shout out Shawn).

After writing YA for so many years in first person, present tense, I thought I was done with third person past tense, but once I started writing, I fell right back into it. The right story at the write time?  

Going into day seven, I'm at 5,500K. Behind where I should be at this point, but it's still a good number for me and I have most of this morning to write. And I have voices coming fast and furious at me. 

In fact, yesterday I could barely put the pen down. I have conflict and further conflict flying through my head like space debris in Gravity.

I don't know if I'll win this year or not. I haven't won yet, no matter how many times I start. But I'm hopeful that I'll get a good jump on this book and for me that's as important as winning. Is that the failed NaNo writer's "It's just good to be nominated," mantra? Hmmmmm

Oh, the Scott Foley pics? He's the semi-model for the hero, so I have a bunch of pics on screen saver slide show  and just thought I'd share a couple. 

Wish me luck! 


  1. Good luck, Margie! I'm not nano-ing. I have enough WIPs to work on without starting a new one. ;) Instead, I'm nanoREVmo-ing by trying to get my WIP CP-ready. So regrdless of how high your word count is, it's more than if you hadn't done it, right? Also, I wish I was better at picking out pics of my MCs. I'm kind of jealous....

  2. Good luck, Margie! I always say I'm going to Nano, but it always sneaks up on me. Maybe next year.

  3. Laura--I hope I get to be one of the CP's you're getting the WIP ready for :) And as for picking pics--usually I suck at that too. But this time I was trying to describe him and I thought, I want somebody kind of soft-spoken but who can show passion when needed. Someone like Scott Foley :) Plus, he's kind of smoking on Scandal right now

  4. Thanks, Shawn. I was kind of hoping it would sneak away from me but then it commandeered my head, so now I'm just going with it.

  5. Good luck, Margie. I love this story!