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Welcome #GuestAuthor Caridad Pineiro!

Hiya, WordWranglers! We're putting Caridad Pineiro (and her new paranormal romantic suspense To Love and Serve) in the round corral today to share her new book with us. Take it away, Caridad!

Thanks to Word Wranglers for sharing their space with me today!

I'm so excited to be able to share a little bit about you TO LOVE AND SERVE, my new vampire romantic suspense release in THE CALLING/REBORN vampire novels.

This is a series of my heart and it's hard, but joyful, to realize that it's been nearly ten years since the first book in the series, DARKNESS CALLS (March 2004).

But don't worry if you haven't read any of the other books in the series.  These books do stand alone, but if you have been reading them, you'll see some familiar characters from the earlier books.

In TO LOVE AND SERVE, FBI Agent Diana Reyes and Southern vampire Ryder Latimer face two difficult issues.  First they have to find a rogue vampire slayer who is killing the undead in New York City, but that's not the hardest thing they have to face.

Years earlier, Diana was contaminated with Ryder's blood during a botched FBI raid.  At first the contamination gave her increased strength and other powers, but now the vampire cells are taking over and killing the human cells in her body.

If those vampire cells are not controlled, Diana will die, but there is only one way to control them:  Become a vampire.

Not an easy choice.  Becoming a vampire means the darkness inside her may take control and kill off any humanity.  It also means losing everything she holds dear as loved ones die and things change over time.

Everything except Ryder, but is there enough love in her heart for him to make that kind of choice?

I hope you'll take a moment to check out TO LOVE AND SERVE and the future novels in the series, BORN TO LOVE (November 2013) and DIE FOR LOVE (December 2013).

All About To Love and Serve:
Born to Love…
Five years ago, vampire Ryder Latimer stepped into the path of a bullet meant for FBI Agent Diana Reyes, at once saving her life and condemning her to death when his blood contaminates her open wounds. Now only an experimental treatment, transfusions, and allowing Ryder to sink his teeth into her when they make love keep her alive.

Born to Survive… 
Ryder has always known that no matter what they try, Diana can’t possibly survive what contact with his blood did to her. The reality for him is that no matter how much he loves her, he will lose her if he doesn’t turn her—a choice Diana may have put off for too long.

Born to Serve…
Even as her health continues to deteriorate and they battle with that difficult decision, Diana tracks a serial killer targeting their vampire friends. It’s a dangerous job, but she was born to it and, with Ryder’s help, she’ll serve and protect until the day she dies—or until a miracle turns their world upside down.

Read An Excerpt:

     Ryder should have stayed at the Lair until closing time. Not that his staff needed him there to run the place smoothly. Until Diana had come into his life, he’d been at either his bar or his restaurant virtually every night…mainly because he had nothing else to do.
     Maybe he should have gone to Diego’s when he’d called wanting to speak to him in person about Council business.
     But Ryder had wanted to be home instead.
     That had been hours ago, and Diana was still in her office. He’d be damned if he let her avoid him again.        They had to face what had happened. Because of all the places he could go, the only place he wanted to be was here with her.
     Bolting from the bed, he dashed down the stairs, taking them two at a time. His feet barely touched the polished hardwood floors until he jerked to a halt in front of her door.
     Still closed. He heard the rustle of papers behind it, but he was tired of waiting.
     He flung the door open. She spun around with a shocked gasp, papers clutched to her chest.
     Her surprise flipped to anger.
     “Ever hear of knocking?” She skimmed her gaze up and down his naked body, and she arched a dark brow. “Or pants?”
     He smiled, loving her brashness, experiencing a brief moment of pleasure because his nakedness brought a flush to pale cheeks and a glitter of life to those tired eyes. But the moment was spoiled by the shadows smudged beneath her eyes and the weary droop of her shoulders.
     He sauntered toward her and only stopped when inches separated them.
     Her hands fluttered nervously as she set aside the papers. Then she laced her fingers together, and raked her gaze along his body again. This close, it was impossible not to hear the skip in her heartbeat and smell her growing arousal. It stirred his desire. Passion had never been an issue between them, but there was something more important binding them together now.
     “We need to talk,” he said.
     Her gaze dipped down again to his growing erection before fixing on his face. “Seems to me you have more in mind than just talk.”
     He cupped her cheek. “Were you really still working? Or are you just avoiding me?”
     “I’m not avoiding you.” She snagged his hand off her face and gripped it tightly, as if afraid of his touch.
     “I think you are.”

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All About Caridad: 

New York Times and USA Today bestselling paranormal and romantic suspense author Caridad Pineiro wrote her first novel in the fifth grade when her teacher assigned a project – to write a book for a class lending library. Bitten by the writing bug, Caridad continued with her passion for the written word and in 1999, Caridad’s first novel was released. Over a decade later, Caridad is the author of more than thirty published novels and novellas. When not writing, Caridad is an attorney, wife and mother to an aspiring writer and fashionista.

Find Caridad Online:  Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

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  1. Welcome to the corral, Caridad. I loved the excerpt--and your title!

  2. Fabulous guest post Caridad - Thanks for sharing Wranglers!

  3. welcome to WordWranglers, Caridad! We hope you enjoy your visit.

    I've read a few of this series and I LOVE them...adding To Love and Serve to my TBR now.