Thursday, December 12

When Rain Is Good


Yep. Today. Because it means the air is warming up and we'll soon be at a balmy 45+ degrees within a few days. Yippee. 

Don't get me wrong, I like snow as much as the next person. In theory.

But in reality, it interrupts my life. I have to postpone shopping. I have to arrange for my Outback driving mom to pick me up and take me to work. 

We're not made for the cold weather here--at least not in my house where the heat is something called radiant and refuses to sink to Hobbit level. 

I like our green Christmas that we have here in the Pacific Northwest. I like the rain and the wind and even the mud--because I can avoid it if I need to. I love gray, overcast skies. Believe it or not, (D'Ann won't) gray skies actually make me feel good inside. They cheer me.

This morning, Liz blogged about  iconic"traditional" Christmas's here:  

And I wanted to share with you one of my traditions. Not iconic in the least, but it's mine.

I go to bazaars every year and lift a craft idea to redo my way and give to people. A few years ago, my mom, sister, and I did pedestal plates. You take a candlestick ($1 at a dollar store) and a Christmas plate--we visited every Goodwill in town several times to get our collections, and using epoxy glue, you glue the candlestick to the bottom of the plate. Voila, a cheap gift to give away with the goodies we made.

This year, we landed on coasters. Tile coasters. And again, my sister and I have gone a little overboard. I think everyone I know will end up with a pair or set. And I am going to have to get several more tables to house all the ones  I want to keep. 

See my Paris set to the left? So pretty!

Merry Christmas, now back to my coasters! Be watching your mailboxes I may just be sending one your way :)


  1. What good ideas!! I never once thought of doing that, but it's so creative. Bet the recipients are thrilled. Barb Bettis

    1. Barb, thanks for stopping by. I gave my first set away yesterday to a friend who's going through an unexpected divorce. She got a Paris set to remind her to dream. I'm very please at how nice they turned out. And how much fun I've had making them.

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  3. Those coasters are beautiful. And although I wouldn't be happy with as many gray days as the PNW is gifted with, it's always so good to hear when someone else is contented where they're planted. Great post, Margie, and thanks for the plug. :-)

    1. You know that we propagate those rain rumors to keep people away from the PNW, don't you?

      Seriously, the climate change has been kind to us up here in our little corner. Our summers have grown longer and hotter, but not unbearable. Plus, the rain seems to be letting up some. Of course, I say that now, and we'll have an unusually high rainfall for the winter ;)

      But on the whole, I'll take the rain over hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, flash floods, and blizzards, snowmageddons, and whatever extreme weather comes up.

      I'm glad you like the coasters :)

  4. Merry Christmas! I like gray skies--in small doses! And I love your plate/candlestick idea!