Friday, December 6

You Might Need Manscaping If...

I've been looking at a few "hot" photos of men. Most of them were seen through my Facebook feed. Some of them, I found while looking for a picture of the hero in my next wip. In quite a few of the pics there was something missing. Body hair. There seems to be a very popular trend. Manscaping. Over the top manscaping. Not an inch of hair below the neck. Some of them had arched eyebrows. Of course, none of them were as wild as the one in the pic. So here's a post I thought would be fun. You might need manscaping if:

1) Your chest and back look like you're wearing a hairy shirt.

2) The hair under your arms look like your holding someone with a big afro in a headlock. And don't get me started on those big white balls of deodorant that get stuck in there.  Ewww!

3) There's so much hair on your legs, you could try out for a part in a dog movie. As the dog.

4) You're brows are arched so high, you could play Joan Crawford in a movie. (Of course, here, you might need less manscaping)

 I don't know about you, but I like body hair on a man. Not over the top, but some. What about you? Hair, or not there.


  1. I'm lol-ing with you, Shawn! For me, a little hair never hurt anyone. Here's another:

    You might need manscaping if...your eyebrows have grown together. Or you have hair growing from your ears.

  2. Yeah, I want some hair, but I do like when a guy takes care of the uni-brow (a tendency in my family). I would just think they would have stubble after while, and I think a hairy chest would feel much better than a stubbly one.

  3. You're right, Liz. A stubbly chest? Not good.

  4. I like my man to grow his scape pretty wild. The natural look. I like his hairy shirt, LOL.

  5. LOL. Loved this! I was thinking about this the other day when I saw an older movie from like the 80's and the guys were much harrier--everywhere, head to toe :)