Wednesday, January 15

A Day In The Life of a Kindergarten Mom

This week we're complaining about giving you a glimpse into our writerly lives. My writerly life isn't just writerly, though, that happens with a kindergartner underfoot. Take last week, for example: we had a snowstorm, then ice on top of that and what was supposed to be bebe's first week back at school post-holiday was actually a 1-day school week..and 4 days of mommy-daddy-tainment. I'm not complaining about that (too much) because we made the best of it and figured out how to handle her need to be entertained with our need to work. This week is a little more typical. Here goes:

7am (aka the buttcrack of dawn, according to Kristina) Alarm sounds. bebe knocks on our adjoining wall to ask if that's the alarm. *headpillow*
7:15 - breakfast on the table and lunch packing begins, play-by-play of these events happily offered by bebe, along with her wishes for lunch (PBJ, please, no crust) and afternoon snack (how about a rice krispie treat (get one) no, I think teddy grahams (exchange) no just a banana (mommy loses her mind and stuffs all 3 inside the backpack.
7:30 - get dressed, more play-by-play, mostly about why she doesn't want to wear pants (dresses are prettier) or rain boots (my shoes won't get thaaaat wet/snowy/whatever.
8:00 - get her on the bus, making sure she has glasses, backpack, gloves...sprint back to the house because not matter how many times we double-check something is forgotten.
8:05 - workout. This means a sprint-walk trying to keep up with RadioMan's 6-foot legs and Angel the Dog's need to chase anything that moves.
8:45 - back home, showered, thinking about breakfast for myself (more often than not toast)
9:05 - sit down at my desk to check email, social networks, faff about a Words With Friends or Minion Run on the iPad.
9:45 - turn off social media and email and focus on any outstanding non-fiction I have on my plate. Anything from articles I've contracted to blogs for my books.
12 - think about lunch and decide quitting caffeine just isn't happening this week. Pour a Pepsi (or tea if I'm trying to be good) and figure out lunch for RadioMan and me. Maybe read a little or watch a show while we eat. Think about dinner, throw something in the crock-pot. Mostly, try to turn off Non-fiction Kristina, who writes way differently than Fiction Kristina.
1:00 - back at my desk, check back in with email and social media, maybe write down some blog ideas for one of those days when I have nothing to do but write blogs (those days never actually happen, but I keep the list in case they do)
1:15 - turn social media and email back off and settle in with the WIP of the Moment - research, actual writing, editing, whatever is on tap.
3:45 hear the squealing brakes of the first bus and realize I'm not even halfway to my daily wordcount goal. Die a little inside. Watch for bebe's bus.
4 - or maybe 4:20 depending on how quickly the driver feels like running the route, get bebe off the bus, settle in with her for an afternoon snack. Talk about school, look over her papers. Maybe play some Mario on the Wii or Just Dance. Try to teach Angel to fetch or tug, decide she's the dumbest heap of dog ever and settle for hugging and petting her. Work on dinner.
5 - dinner. More talking about school and who did what to whom (the Behavior Tree in her classroom is a hot topic)
5:30 - get ready for gymnastics/swimming lessons and out the door we go.
7 - home from gymnastics/swimming. Time for a light snack, if bebe's hungry, and then brushing teeth, jammies, story time and lights out by 8pm.
8:05 - see if RadioMan wants to watch anything on TV...if he does, we'll veg together, if not, I'll read a little or, if I'm way behind, write some more on the WIP.
10pm - stop whatever I'm doing to watch Big Bang Theory, I don't care if they're re-runs, the show helps me relax.
11pm - bed...and dreaming of my characters and an alarm clock that doesn't ring.


  1. Well, I'm officially tired...Loved the schedule, and it makes me remember the "full nest" days. It was so much fun. It's fun now, too, but sometimes I still miss the craziness.

    1. the crazy keeps me going, Liz! And I wouldn't trade it for anything. :D

  2. I'm tired just reading this, too. Or maybe it was my 5:45 alarm :)

    1. lol, Margie, I know I shouldn't complain about a 7am wakeup...but some days 7 is still tooooo early!

  3. Yowsa. I'm going back to bed...

    1. aw, come on, I was gonna tag you in to make dinner, D'Ann!