Tuesday, January 14

A Day in the Life of Me!

I have kinda a dull life, so not sure this is going to excite anyone. But here goes...

 I don't think this is news to anyone, but I live on a small farm with a whole lotta animals! Usually, around 8:00, I roll out of bed and make myself coffee before I do anything. I like those mixes that aren't really coffee and not really water...kind of hot candy. But I like them, and I need one before I can get my eyes open.

 Checking email and blogs is next. Then the dreaded Facebook. Once the Facebook page opens, it stays open all day. I belong to a group called Horse Trails and Camping Across America. There is little drama there and a lot of beautiful horses and places to ride there. I love it, and if I get stressed, it usually calms me to go over there and dream about all those places I'd like to ride.


 Why stressed?

 Yeah, sometimes even an indie author has a deadline. Self-imposed, of course.

Right now, I'm fighting to finish what will end around 90K. I'm at 45K, so halfway! Yay!

 I work on my books anywhere from about 10:30-3:00 in the afternoon.

 Right now, I have 10 hungry horses waiting for me, and also 6 dogs, for their breakfast. That takes about an hour in the winter. Breaking ice is not fun, but sometimes I brainstorm while I wait for the tanks to fill.

 I usually fit in a walk or water aerobics in the afternoon or early evening and another set of chores, then more writing.

 I live the life!


  1. sounds like your animals provide inspiration, D'Ann, yay!

  2. Yay on the book progress! Those animals keep you jumping--and riding and writing.