Friday, January 24

I've Fallen In Love Again!

Over the past couple of days, I've been taking some "me" time." During these little pockets of peace and quiet, I've rediscovered an old flame. Historical romance. I received a few free historical romance novels at nationals this year and decided to read a couple. I was instantly transported back to my twenties, that's about the last time I read a historical romance).

I have no idea why I stopped reading them! I couldn't put the book down. As soon as I finished one, I picked up another.  One was a series, so I have to go on amazon and order the rest. I especially love the stories that have pirates as the hero, or heroine. Yes, lady pirates. I remember them. Love and suspense on the sea. My kind of book!

I have stacks of books left to read from nationals. And I plan to read them all. As soon as I finish the final edits for my next release.


  1. I started reading historicals, too. Loved them. Hmmmm....wonder why I quit?