Thursday, February 6

Thursday Randomness

 Snow is coming to the Willamette Valley! We could end up with 5-6 inches. Don't laugh, Kristi. That's enough to shut down the Portland Metropolitan area. 

Already they're closing schools early and we have zero accumulation. Zero. Sure, the speck snow is beginning. But, come on.

I always wonder if weather is as big of story everywhere else as it seems to be here. Seriously, if the snow starts piling up, the news will commandeer every station and have "live" coverage, reiterating every closure, street snarl, and inch count. For hours. 

Today's a random type of day for me--so I'm going to switch topics. Did you all see J.K. Rowlings revelations as to who should've ended up with who? And how she wishes she'd written the books a wee bit different?

Well, I always thought Hermoine should end up with someone else, but not Harry. I thought she should end up with one of the Weasly twins. Now, hear me out.

Hermoine would've been driven crazy by the antics of Fred or George. But he would've challenged her. And he could've lightened her up a little bit, unwind her tightly wound ways. It could've been fun to see Hermoine laugh in exasperation as the man she loved drove her nuts. 

This last week, my daughters and I finally made it to see 12 Years A Slave. 

What an awesome, yet unsettling movie.  Chiwetel Ejiofer is heartbreaking. I've loved him since Love, Actually and Serenity. Even though he played the bad guy in Serenity, he did it with quiet conviction in what he was doing.

And he maintains that power throughout 12 Years. 

Snow watch continues. It's moved up from speck snow to light snow blowing around in an East wind. Still no accumulation. I don't think it's actually hitting the ground, just swirling around in the wind.

Back to the Harry Potter revelation. There's been some internet chatter as to if writer's or readers "own" the story after publication. I'd say we all own it once we've experienced it. I rarely imagine characters as the descriptions the author's give them, but by the personalities they give them. Does that make sense? Maybe I'm not a visual person--hence the lack of description in my first drafts.

Hey, Look! The snow is beginning to stick. Time for hot chocolate. 


  1. I always love your randomness, Margie!

  2. Wow! You really did get random. Lol!

  3. Ha! Love your circular brain, mine does that conversation-jumpy thing, too. And I *am* laughing at your 6" of snow...but only because we have about a foot on the ground right now. And, yes, the local news peeps will take ANY opportunity to commandeer the air - at one of the TV stations where I worked we had 'live coverage' of a 'major snowstorm'. The reporters all had *rulers* they were supposed to use to get the point across to viewers that there was a.lot.of.snow.on.the.ground. Only, it never got cold enough to snow. So we had Live Rain Coverage. *headdesk*

  4. Sure, the story belongs to everyone once it's published -- thus the attraction of fanfiction, which is just taking that one step further. Personally, I think Hermoine would have dumped Ron in no time flat, if they didn't strangle each other to death first!

    My wife is a shipper of Hermoine and ... Snape.