Wednesday, March 26

So Long!

Okay, not forever..but that's why I called this post So Long rather than Good-bye, because we'll be back blogging and writing and having fun in a few weeks.

We've had a really eventful few weeks here at WordWranglers and as Liz and D'Ann already told you guys, we are taking a little break from regular blogging. We're taking off the month of April and will come back with more posts, guest authors and silliness for your enjoyment. And we may even have some new book covers to show you (I said we've been busy, didn't I?)!

I think one of my least favorite words is 'good-bye'. I don't like the tone that is used most of the time and I don't like the finality of it. To me good-bye is final. It's the last thing you say to someone..I rarely use that word. Except at funerals, which is probably why the word has such a bad tone for me.

Instead of saying good-bye, even if I don't know when I'll see that person again, I use a bunch of other words. See ya/see ya later is a favorite, 'bye, later-gater, toodles. Instead of saying good-bye to my family, I tell them I love them. When I'm talking to RadioMan on the phone I send kissy noises over the line (I do that with bebe, too). When I'm texting or IMing with my besties I sign off with TTYL (talk to ya later).

One of my favorite ways to say good-bye is So Long. Because, when you don't know when you'll see a friend again, it will seem so long!

How do you say good-bye? And is it different according to who you're saying it to?


  1. Good post! hmmmm...usually it's TTYL. I also like a lot take care of yourself! See you in May!

  2. I...don't know. I LIKE So Long and See you on the flip side, but I think I often use TTYL or simply Later. Hmmm.... Nice post, Kristi. See you in May!

  3. When my middle sister and I were in high school, Wendy--who you met last week--thought she should be able to go everywhere with us. So, to avoid disappointing her, we'd call out "Bless" for goodbye. It's the Icelandic word for goodbye. But at the same time, it felt like a prayer as well as a good bye.

  4. What a good idea! Hope you come back refreshed--and chin deep in new words! Have fun. Barb Bettis

  5. What a good idea! Hope you come back refreshed--and chin deep in new words! Have fun. Barb Bettis