Thursday, May 8


For me, the break began with a weekend at the beach to celebrate my 30th anniversary with my husband, Mike.

We drove down to Lincoln City, Oregon. It was rainy and windy. Typical spring day on the Oregon Coast.

We arrived with high tide, rain falling in a salty mist. 

On Saturday we went treasure hunting at the crack of dawn--literally. It was still dark out when I wandered down the path to Road End Beach which was supposed to be the end of where they put out the glass sea balls to be found.

I walked along the bluffs, shining a flashlight, hoping to catch a glimpse of glass. Nothing. I talked to a guy in passing who'd come from the opposite direction and found nothing. I walked through these rocks and almost slipped a few times. 

Mike decided that the sea glass balls are a myth to bring people to the beach during the winter and spring months. He might be right.

That was the extent of my vacation fun. I worked, interviewed for a new position, fretted about said interview--now supposed to find out in June, and worked on my rewrite for Bix.

And hatched a new idea. An idea and characters that I'm kind of falling in love with. For the most part, they've been parked in a waiting room--thanks Kristi for that term--although I've written snippets and dialogue clips. We'll see once I get done with this infernal rewrite if the idea has legs. Or wheels. Or something to guide it forward.

And with that I leave you with a Bix clip--because I know you're kind of in withdrawal:
“You guys, I think Helen has a thing for Darby,” Tack says.
“Ya think?” I can barely contain myself. Leave it to Tack to take my mind off my worries.
“Yeah. Did you see how Helen insisted Darby be on her team?”
“Maybe she  doesn't like Caitlyn.”
“Hey!” Caitlyn slaps my leg.
Not exactly the physical contact I was going for, but I’ll take it.
“Well, there could be that.” Tack’s still mulling over the Darby-Helen thing. “But I think there’s more.”

“Of course there’s more,” Caitlyn tells him. “She’s a lesbian.”
And a moment of serenity if the video works. Taken when the treasure hunt didn't pan out.


  1. What a great trip! I would so love to find one of those balls someday. And so good to see my boy Bix!

    1. Me too! You can buy them but they're like 50+ a pop--and apparently I don't want them that bad :)

  2. Hi Margie,
    I would love to get my hands on one of those glass balls. They're so pretty! Can't wait to see what knew characters you've ushered from the waiting room. Loved the Bix excerpt!

  3. I do love the sea. And Bix. So nice to be back "home," isn't it? Fingers crossed on the job and the new story idea!