Thursday, May 22


Bet that got all you Seinfeldees interested. What's she writing about today??

Sorry to disappoint, but it's just my periodical hodge-podge of thoughts.

Jordan, my youngest daughter, likes to ask me questions. I think mostly so she can give me her answers. But one she asks every few months is, "What is your favorite season?"

It's spring here--and wherever you are--in the Pacific Northwest. And it's just the perfect part of spring. The part where the birds are coming out, bees are buzzing, and flowers are beginning to bloom. It will be a few weeks before it's all in color. Right now, lots of deep green. We aren't the Evergreen state for nothing.

My honeysuckle is beginning it's season and the scent drifts through the open door on the breeze. That's my favorite.

Our seasons actually begin about a month into the season. Like our summers don't begin until about the fourth of July and go thorough September and sometimes into October. 

But by the time fall arrives, I'm so happy for the rain. Yeah, I am a true Washingtonian. I love my rain. Especially after a hot summer. 

My animals are digging the open doors and warm breezes as well. Mimi, our beagle, is patrolling the back patio for errant neighbor cats. And our cat, Cali, is lying in the sliver of sun coming through. 

So, my answer for Jordan is always, the beginning of the season. Except maybe winter, because for us, it's mostly just a continuation of Fall--more rain--sometimes in frozen form.

Okay--I guess this hasn't been as hodge-podgy as I promised. 

My new favorite shows are: The 100 on CW. Oh my gosh--this show is what Revolution wanted to be. If you like the Hunger Games genre, try this show today. It's like Lord of the Flies meets the Hunger Games. And I am so addicted. Finn forever. 

Speaking of Finns--I remember when Julia Roberts named  her son that and I thought, "Finn? What an odd name." Now there are two Finns on t.v--the hero on The 100 and Finn on The Good Wife played by Matthew Goode. And I LOVE the name now. Mmmm

The other new favorite is a couple of seasons in, Continuum, on SyFy. I love me a good Sci-fi show and this one totally fits the bill--time travel, a dystopian future that feels a little too realistic, gorgeous cop, kickass girl from the future and nerdy computer kid. I streamed the first and second season over a weekend and got nothing else done over those days.

I just finished Emily Giffin's newest book: The One and Only. I read it in two days. Yes, it's that good. In fact, I'm still thinking about it in my quiet moments. 

Time for me to end so I can get to work on time. Let me know if you have some suggestions to fill my days now that I'm caught up on my new faves :)


  1. I love Spring, but summer is my favorite time of year!

  2. Spring and Summer do it for me every time. And I'm with you, Margie, I love the scent of honeysuckle wafting on a gentle breeze. Have you ever seen Resurrected? It's a great series based on a book called "The Returned.' First season just ended. It was fantastic. BTW, Amanda Hocking has a young adult series starting with Switched that has a main character named Finn. Good grief, I rambling too!

    1. My honeysuckle was especially strong when I got home tonight. So love it! I'll have to check that show out--I've seen the commercials.

  3. I love your rambles! Fionn (prononced Finn) is my grandson's name. Actually, it's Fionnegan and one of my very favorite names. I think I'm with you on beginnings of all the seasons, and that includes winter, because I love the crispness of it and the knowledge that once again for the child in me, Christmas is comin'!

  4. I write them just for you :) Is your grandson's last name Flaherty? Because if so, that is one Irish name. Love it.

    I also love the crispness of winter, but we don't get it much here. A few days here and there.

    1. Yes, he's a Flaherty. His brother's name is Eamon--also very Irish.