Tuesday, June 24

My Touchstone


This is my wrist, palm face up. I wear these two bracelets constantly In bed, in the shower, at the pool. Everywhere. Nothing particularly special to look at. Certainly not an expensive tennis bracelet. Both were under $20. Then why am I showing them, you ask?

The orange one is from my daughter. She wears an identical one. It means we’re connected, close. I only have to look at it and I smile. The bright color reminds me of her personality—bright, pretty, cheery.  She recently went through a rough patch, but came through the other side stronger, better. A little bruised, but still standing.

The brown one? It reminds me of a song lyric I love:

“Only God knows why.”~ Kid Rock

I believe that line with my whole heart and soul. It resonates to me deep in my being. What does a brown piece of string attached to a battered cross have to do with those words?

Simple, really. That piece of string and cross mean I keep hold that lyric close.

In other words, when I get down, when I think my turn for what I consider success will never come, it reminds me that only God knows why. It also reminds me of how far I’ve come, and how much I have accomplished. And how far I can go if I work hard enough.

I guess my plain brown string with the battered little cross is a talisman of sorts.

I’m curious…do you have something that makes you keep going? A touchstone? If so, what?



  1. Great post, D! I can't think of anything I have like that, but my desk is right by a window and the view (bucolic and boring as they come ) gives me shelter in all kinds of emotional storms.

  2. I'd say my talisman is my laptop as it keep sme connected to my daughter. We can email and we can skype.
    Great post.

  3. Love this post, D! I don't wear anything, but I have notes written by my daughter that are pinned to the wall right in front of my computer. I also have 2 poems my dad wrote me framed on the wall beside my desk.
    Love your bracelets!

  4. I have a necklace that my husband gave me. It has a purple heart and an amber sun on it. I also have dog tags with my husband's name and my name on them. They are always on me... nothing takes them off.

    I can tell that these two items mean a lot to you and I'm glad. It's important to have touchstones and hold special memories close by! All the best!

  5. Great post! My talisman/touchstone is a silver ring with a ruby between two hearts. I bought it after losing twins at 13weeks pregnant. Two hearts for two precious souls. The ruby because is July's birthstone which was the month we found out we were having twins and lost them. Shared via Google+

  6. I wear a variety of natural jewelry, but I wear my engagement and wedding ring everyday. My husband is my true talisman and these symbols connect me with him.

  7. I have a coin necklace that has Alexander The Great on it. I wear it when I I need extra strength or confidence especially anything writing related with a lot of people. I remember wearing it to the last RWA conference I went to in 2008. I really needed it then and Alex came through. :)

  8. I don't have anything I wear all the time. I do prefer a silver heart necklace my kids go me for mother's day when they were little.

  9. I don't currently have one but I have had "lucky" talismans before. Love the safe feeling of having them, may be time for another...

  10. I have a little box of treasures that I pull out periodically. There are chestnuts in it--from like the 80's. Metal Jacks. Things that remind of something special.

    1. I have the little LEGO girl you sent me on my jewelry box, and I look at her every time I get something out and smile.

    2. Ahhhh--that's so sweet! I'm so glad you still enjoy her :)