Tuesday, June 17

Name That Story!

Yesterday I finished my novella, ______________________________.
Yes, it's untitled. I usually don't have trouble with titles, and picking one is something I enjoy. But this particular book is remaining nameless.
I know that I want the word cowboy in the title. Other than that, I'm open to suggestions. Which is where you come in. I'm looking for ideas for the title on this book.  If I use it, I'll name you in the acknowledgements.

Here's a rough blurb:

Widow Lily Halderman needs help keeping her custom farming business going, and reluctantly hires ex-soldier, Will Wainwright, an Iraq veteran and ten years her junior, for the summer. Will is running from the ghost of his girlfriend who was killed by insurgents. Friendship between them turns to passion which turns to love.

Okay, that's rough, but hopefully you can get enough of the story to help me with this darn title!

Thanks so much!


  1. hmmm...disregard that...I just checked on Amazon and there are already a few books with that title. lol

    The Widow and the Cowboy
    The Cowboy's Cougar (teehee...couldn't resist)
    Lily's Cowboy

  2. I loved this ms! But, I am so not good with titles. I do like Christine's suggestion of Lily's Cowboy :)

  3. Not sure what the soldier did before the war, but:

    Once A Cowboy
    Finding the Cowboy Way
    The Cowboy and the Combine (yes, I'm kidding, but I couldn't help myself!)

    I like Lily's Cowboy or Lily and the Cowboy, too.

    1. I like the Cowboy and the Combine!

  4. The Reluctant Cowboy is my suggestion, if it fits.

  5. Ageless Love or Lily's Love or Will's Woman or A Love to Live For or Country Covenant

  6. Ghosts of the Cowboy's Past

    Summer of the Cowboy

    This Cowboy's Heart

    For the Love of Her Cowboy.

    Umm....*taps chin*

  7. The Veteran Cowboy?
    I'll keep thinking and come back.

    1. I gave this one serious thought.

  8. Summer Cowboy... Framing A Cowboy.... Unexpected Cowboy...

  9. A Cowboy's Hero Heart I see someone suggested a very similar title above, and I actually decided A Cowboy's Heart fit my anthology better than Cowboy on a String, which I still like...
    Oh, if he wasn't a cowboy before he was in the military, he could be "An Accidental Cowboy." Depending on his rank "Private Cowboy" (or other rank)

  10. Once I got started ....

    The Cowboy Cure
    The Cowboy and The Farmer
    The Farmer Takes a Cowboy
    Her Cowboy (I like Lily's Cowboy, which others mentioned)
    Counting on The Cowboy
    Her Wounded Cowboy
    For Love of A Cowboy
    The Come-Back Cowboy
    Come Back, Cowboy
    The Widow's Wrangler

    You might also find a significant passage that speaks to what they mean to each other. In one of the books I'm working on now, the hero says something about "their accidental affair." So I titled it that, because that's what it's about. Or, if the heroine specializes in any particular product, say cabbage, you could play off that. Sounds like a great story, D'Ann. Good luck with it!

    Sophia / She Likes It Irish

  11. Farming for Love :)

    Cute blub, I like it!

  12. You have a ton of wonderful choices here! How are you going to pick!!

  13. I like Lily's Cowboy...

    But your blurb made me think of Garth Brooks song "That Summer"....And that's the only title I can come up with.....LOL

    1. Funny! That's the song that inspired this book!

  14. Everyone has given such wonderful titles. I'm terrible at titles. But here's a few to throw around :)
    From Solider to Cowboy
    The Cowboy's Shadow
    Heart of a Cowboy
    Becoming a Cowboy
    Wrangling a Cowboy
    Healing a Cowboy's Heart

    1. I like from Soldier to Cowboy! Thanks!