Thursday, July 10

Fifteen Obscure Things About Me

1) My earliest memory is from when I was almost two--I'm in a stroller that clacks across the hot cement tiles. It's a warm day and I'm happy. It's Disneyland circa 1963

2) When it's hot out--like it has been recently--I like to sleep with my head at the foot of the bed. 

3) My dad was a cook/baker/cake decorator in the Navy for 20 years. And I always had the best birthday cakes. One year he made me a Dennis-the-Menace cake.

4) My sisters are my best friends.

5) My staple snack is cinnamon Jelly Bellys. I ALWAYS have them on hand.

6) I have never been drunk in my life. Mostly because I hate the idea of throwing up.

7) On that note, Jordan is lucky to be here as I had morning sickness throughout my first pregnancy.

 8) I was a fearless monkey growing up--climbing trees with wild abandon or scaling cliff sides. Sometimes I miss that girl.

9) I played softball from age 10--into my thirties. We stopped sponsoring a team when
Kristen started playing tournament ball. I still love watching softball--especially my daughter--and apparently writing about it--as my current WIP will attest.

10) My idea of a fun night is playing games with my mom, my sisters, and our kids. Current faves include: Dicecapades, Tenzi, and our perinnial go-to, Phase 10.

11) My all-time favorite show is Alien Nation. But my comfort shows are: Bones, Felicity, and Friends. My newest obsession is The 100. 

12) I write my first drafts on graph paper. Mostly because it doesn't feel like a commitment.

13) I have been "in love" with Kevin Costner since Silverado. Sometimes I have flirtations with the likes of Scott Foley, Ryan Reynolds, or George Clooney. But in the end, my heart belongs to Kevin. And maybe Hugh Grant.

14) I love watching Nate Ruess from Fun. perform. He makes me smile and I love his energy and that voice!

15) I have always been sure about two things in my life--that I was meant to be a mother and a writer. And I am so blessed to have been both. I may not be a published writer, but I know that day is coming. And my daughters and their father are the lights of my life.


  1. Awesome! I always forget about you playing ball. That's so kewl. I have two left hands.

    1. Well, I can't imagine riding trails without sliding out of the saddle, so I think we're even :) And I am not the most coordinated person--so I only "mastered" one sport.

  2. cinnamon jelly beans - love them! But we can only find them here during halloween and christmas! Waaaah!

    1. OMG--I can't imagine not having them all the time. Seriously--I have Cinnamon Jelly Belly's --not beans, they have to be jelly belly--in a candy dish always. And I keep the dish in the cupboard so I don't eat them all in one day. Mike buys me like $5 worth every week at Winco. It's my favorite indulgence.

  3. I didn't know all these things, but I think most of them sound just like you! I've never had cinnamon Jelly Bellys, but I'll bet I'd love them! And Kevin Costner, too--if Sam Elliot and Tom Selleck are busy, he'd most certainly do. Great list, Margie!

    1. Did you know Sam Elliot and I went to the same community college? About ten years apart, but the same college!! He's got the best voice.

  4. I did not even know that there was such a thing as cinnamon jelly belly's! It made me think of that scene in Harry Potter. The one where Professor Dumbledore has a bean from Harry's bag and it turns out to be earwax flavored. Cute stories. Fun post.