Wednesday, July 23

Just Listening

So, the RWA 2014 Conference is in full swing this week - and if you've been on Twitter or Facebook you know all the details (or you will soon). You can follow using the #RWA2014 hashtag on Twitter and *almost* feel like you're there.

I've attended several conferences, both writing and non-writing related. I have to say that, although I'm not a social butterfly, I'm not a wallflower, either. I like to chat with new people, although I rarely go up to a group and chime right in. I like to listen first. That goes with my people-watching penchant. But, this post is about the listening.

My favorite part of conferences are the workshops. I could talk writing forever, but let me sit back, take notes and learn from an established author, agent or editor? I'm in heaven. I love learning new ways to plot, to turn off the internal editor, to create well-defined characters. I've been known to take workshops on serial killer profiling or crime scene investigative procedures - and I write straight contemporary or contemporary-with-humorous-elements stuff. No crime - other than the stealing of hearts! - no murder..nada. But I love to learn.

I think that is an important part of being a writer. We need to be passionate about what we write, but we also need to be passionate about learning - because every book we write needs to be better than the last. If we aren't learning along the way, I think we're selling our readers short. How about you? What is your favorite part of a conference?


  1. I love the listening part, too. I especially like hearing the experiences of other writers.

  2. I enjoy the immersion of writers and writing--just being around people who "get" being a writer and sharing tales with them.