Wednesday, August 20

Where is Your Joy?

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said, "A joy shared is a joy doubled."

I like that quote. A lot. I think because I like to see people happy...and when someone around me is happy, it makes me happy. Happy. Happy. Happy.

Writing gives me a lot of joy, even when the writing is ... slow. Or when I cut out more than I've added in (which happened just last week). I act of putting words on paper, even bad words, and telling a story in a way that only I can tell it is...inspiring. And exciting. A lot intimidating. But at the core, I like the act of storytelling - I like the wide-eyed, whats-coming-next feeling, I like the satisfied sigh that comes with reading The End, I like the tummy-clenching excitement of opening the document and seeing the first few words of a brand new book spill from my fingers to the page.

Quilting gives me a lot of joy. I'm not a great quilter, but the act of putting together colors and designs and realizing women have been doing this simple act for years for their families makes me feel connected to history in a weird way.

RadioMan and bebe give me so much joy sometimes I get a little teary just thinking about them. They spent all day yesterday at an amusement park and texted pictures throughout the day of the things they were doing. The bond between them showed in every frame and that was a huge addition of joy to my day.

I could go on, but you have other things to read today.

Wandering around with a big, goofy grin on my face is one of my favorite things. I'm feeling happy because: the WIP is going well, I just turned in AAs for my first SuperRomance, I have 2 books coming out next month, school starts in a week, we're celebrating RadioMan's birthday all weekend, my birthday is right around the corner (these things call for cake and how can cake not make us happy?)...the list goes on. But, it's your turn: what gives you joy? And how do you share it?


  1. Several things you said give me joy. :-) Girlfriends--as much as I love the roommate and our family, I LOVE girlfriend time! Other writers. A chance to spend time with them is pure not-always-completely-sober joy. The whole starting a new story thing is joy. Hey, I could go on way too long... Loved the post!

  2. Brandi. Hands down.
    My new book.
    Good the WWs.

  3. Writing. Watching my daughter perform. Eating my other daughter's delicious cooking. My husband's grin. My cats and dog. Family. Lovely post, Kristina. Tweeted.

    1. thanks, Jenna! And what a bounty of joy you've got, too! :D

  4. Well, writing--especially in the flow. Reading when you can't put it down. Watching Kristen play softball. Jordan's artwork. Laughing with my sisters and mom. Living brings me joy.

  5. Cake! Definitely cake.
    A couple weeks ago a friend of mine put on face book that she'd received a five-star review and invited everyone to read it. I went to the site, found the review and was thinking how lovely the writing was when I realized that I had written it! That made me happy. I felt good about that.
    Also, my little piece of sunshine, Ascher, makes me smile and laugh.