Thursday, October 9

Inspirational Triggers

Tuesday night, I took Jordan to her Japanese class to which the door is on the fourth floor of a parking garage under the the open sky. After dropping her off, I was startled by the sight of the full moon framed between two trees in the dusky light.

Full moons inspire me. I think because in my heart of hearts, I feel as if I were meant to be a witch. A fictional witch like Heather Blake or Bailey Cates write. I'm pretty sure I have a latent magical gift ready to be unleashed. If only I could find the trigger.

This got me thinking about things that inspire me--and kind of piggy-back's Kristi's post yesterday about plodding moments. These are things that work to ignite my imagination when my muse is asleep at the wheel. (Why is she in the driver's seat, anyway???)

This wind turbine inspires me. I used to work across the street from the car wash where this turns. And one day I looked up and saw that thing spinning like a mile a minute. And I wondered,"What if it could make you travel back in time?" Well, that idea got me through the rest of day. And many other days as well. I still haven't written the story, but someday it will come. And for now, I have the picture to sustain me.

Carnivals. Just your basic--at least in my neck of the woods--carnival that puts up in a parking lot for a few days. I don't actually go to the carnival, but I love the spinning lights--maybe I'm just into spinning???--the colors, the sounds. I think because carnivals inspire happiness. There's one up in the parking lot outside Barnes and Noble right now and I'll find myself lost in thought as I watch the Ferris Wheel reach up into the clouds. Plus, I think of The Night Circus. Magic everywhere.

Well, I guess we've resolved two things. My triggers are spinning and magic.

And good writing. Reading my favorite authors inspires me. Because one day I want to be someone's favorite author. And until I get the words on the paper and out into the world, that ain't going to happen.

I don't generally listen to music when I write, but before I write--that's another story. When I wrote Bix, I listened to a lot of Bon Jovi. I'm not sure what it is about their music, but it just awakens my muse.

Okay, my final inspiration is water. Usually in the form of windy, rainy storms. But since we seem to be having a dry spell--seriously 80 in October???--in the Pacific Northwest? Where is my rain and fall?? So, when there's no rain, I like the Ocean, fountains, waterfalls. 

All of the above. So, tell me what inspires you? 

**And special thanks to my friend, Nathan D. Magers for the photos of the moon and the turbine**


  1. Love your inspirations, Margie! I'm generally inspired by people-watching. I create stories for people I see at the grocery, at the bank, at the pool--it doesn't matter where. Or sometimes, something I see in a movie or on the news strikes a chord and I start inventing a story. I think writers get inspired wherever they are, don't you? Great post!!

    1. Nan, I do think we get inspired everywhere. I have some laminated news articles on my bulletin board that I hope to get a story out of someday :)

  2. We have a few huge wind turbines here, too, and I love watching them go. One of th big arms fell off the one downtown not long ago (no one was hurt), but that was a what-if moment. Until I remembered I don't write romantic suspense. Water has always been inspiring to me. I can sit on a beach or dockside and thing for hours. I'll glance up and stare and then whatever plot bunny has my imagination starts jumping again. Festivals or crowded malls, amusement parks, a song...I think inspiration comes from all around...we just have to be open to seeing (or hearing) it. Great post, Margie!

    1. Oh--I didn't realize that the arms could fall off. That is pretty scary and could be a great catalyst. I was watching the news the other day about Ebola and I said, "What if Ebola went airborne?" And Jordan freaked out, but my mind started spinning. And then I remembered I don't write sci-tech or medical thrillers.

  3. The wind farms in Illinois are inspiring to me. From the highway, they are so stark, yet so beautiful at the same time! I also love conversations and other people's writing. Only thing is, I have to stop myself from trying to sound like them! :-)