Friday, October 3

My Last Blog

This is a sad day for me. I have to say good-bye as a blogger with Word Wranglers. My time with the Wranglers has been filled with fun, laughter and a few teary-eyed moments. But life calls, I have a lot on my plate right now, so some things have had to take a back seat.

Although I won't be a contributor with Word Wranglers anymore, I will still stop by to see how everyone is doing. Even if I don't comment, I will be reading the blogs every day.

As for my writing? Yes, the characters still come to me every once in awhile, demanding that their stories be told. But they have to wait while I deal with life.  I won't forget them. And I have faith that they won't let me forget.

This has been a wonderful journey. I always wanted to be a published writer, and that has happened. Now it's not over. You all will see me again.

To D'Ann, Liz, Margie, and Kristi: I love you girls. Please stay in touch. Y'all have been my rah-rah team for a long time and I want it to stay that way. And I'll always be right there, rooting for you all the way. You all rock!


  1. We'll miss you, Shawn. We'll wait with you till the words come back. God bless.

  2. I'm so sorry you have to go. I understand the reasons and I hope your life settles down soon so you can hear the voices more distinctly. Take care and keep in touch. You'll be missed.

  3. I love you, Shawn. I will miss you so much! Please stay in touch. This is such a sad day for me.

  4. (((hugs, Shawn))) You're going to be missed around here. And when the words find their way back and the life stuff settles down, come one back and play some more!