Thursday, October 16

What I'm Watching This Fall

 Next to Christmas, the second week of September used to be my favorite season--the new t.v. season. Yes, my television addiction began early.

Do you remember what it used to be like before the internet?

I started stalking the mailbox in the beginning of August waiting for the triple -thick TV Guide would arrive with the new series announcements and synopses.  I'd highlight the shows I wanted to watch, squeal when my faves got their own show--Joanie Loves Chachi, and just generally be in expectatious glory.

Things have changed a little since then. The TV Guide is a lot slimmer. I know in advance--from social media and various outlets--what's  coming. Although I do get all fan-girly. The only reason I tried out The Flash is because Tom Cavanaugh is in it. And my, that man has aged well. 

So, I'm going to tell you my faves so far this summer.

1. Scorpion. This is like a Michael Crichton novel come to life each week. These sci-tech genius/outcasts are fun and heartwarming. The cast is virtually unknown except for Catherine McPhee--what a sweetheart and Robert Patrick playing a good guy?

 2. Stalker. I have to admit crushing on Dylan McDermott. But that being said, I never got into Hostage last year. And I didn't plan on watching Stalker until Mike coerced me. And boy, am I glad he did. I mistakenly thought the show was about one stalking case. Nope, it's about a police unit specializing in stalking cases. Interesting stuff. And scary! The opening of the second show gave me chills and a minor heart-attack.

3. Forever. Love the concept of a guy who die and solves crimes while acting as a medical examiner.

Plus--Iaon Gruffudd. And welcome back, Judd Hirsch--You are a delight.

 4. Madame Secretary. Look two words in this title, in case you were wondering if I only liked one word shows. 

I love the supportive marriage represented by Madame Secretary Tea Leoni and her professor husband, Tim Daly. (Hello, Tim. Another well-aged specimen.) 

As long as they remain loving, respectful partners I'm in for the duration.

I am most disappointed by How To Get Away With Murder. And it has nothing to do with the long, long name. Seriously, I am a huge fan of Shonda Rhimes. I love Gray's Anatomy and Scandal. And I was looking forward to her newest offspring. That was--until I watched it. While Madame Secretary has a healthy marriage--one we should all strive for--represented, Murder's is plain toxic--capital T. And that toxicity bleeds into almost every other element of the show. And I don't find Viola Davis' character root-worthy in the least. 
In six days, my favorite show from last year-The 100--returns for their sophomore season and I can't wait. What the heck is going on at Mt. Weather? Are Finn and Bellamy alive?? I've waited all summer for these answers. And you can bet, those fan-girly screams you hear Wednesday night will be from me.

So, now it's your turn. What are your new or returning favorites. Or even your own disappointments. It's TV and I'm listening.


  1. Since I am UN-addicted to TV, I don't have much to report--however, I do love MADAM SECRETARY. I think the cast rocks, the Tea Leoni-Tim Daly marriage is the coolest one I've seen on the screen in years (and he's really good to look at, too), and the stories get my blood moving. It also makes me miss THE WEST WING less, because it uses some of the same--not sure what word works here--but they walk and talk and have explosive conversations with the whole ensemble, Aaron Sorkin-like.

    1. Agreed to everything you said. And it is like watching an Aaron Sorkin show.

  2. Joanie Loves Chachi!! :-) Fun fact: I recently read Happy Days had seven spin offs.

    It's fascinating for me to read this post. Living in Germany, I might as well be on another planet, since I don't think any of these shows are here yet.

    I know about Stalker only because my sister, who lives in California, just had the crew record an episode in her street. They used her patio and driveway to store equipment for the week. This was her front lawn:

    Right now, I'm having fun with Once Upon A Time, season 2, so I'm a couple seasons behind.

    1. Okay, so cool that your sister got to watch them film. Once Leverage was filming across from my husband's office and my daughters and I went to stalk it out. We got nothing. They never came out of the funeral home. LOL

      And we love Once Upon A Time. Especially the season you're watching.

  3. RadioMan and I are LOVING Scorpion and Madame Secretary - for all the reasons you already noted!

    I'm also really enjoying Revenge ... and this final season of Parenthood is going to have me in tears for most of it. I'm still annoyed at the whole Julia/Joel storyline - because the writers (and family) are IGNORING Julia's part in how the relationship crumbled...but the rest of the ensemble is killing it!

  4. Okay, I have to come back because I didn't mention my perennial fave NCIS (the Gibbs version...all other fall short) and Once Upon a Time (Regina fighting for her goodness - as only Regina can do, with evil! - is just too good!

    1. I love the Regina storyline! And I also like that Emma and Regina have reached a truce as to where and who Henry should be with. And that Emma doesn't get jealous about it anymore.

    2. Ah, but there's always new hate and discontent to go around in Storybrook ...

  5. I'm a Scandal fanatic. Jake is just yummy!

  6. So Yummy!! My sister said if they filmed Felicity today there wouldn't even be a choice who'd we root for. Still a fan of Scott Speedman, but Scott Foley blows him out of the water these days :)

    I'll be really upset if Olivia doesn't wise up and realize what she's got with Jake.

  7. My big disappointment this TV season has been Doctor Who. Good new Doctor -- lousy (and depressing) writing.