Friday, November 21

It's Friday--Question Day!

Whoa, Friday sneaked up on us, so we've spent the morning coming up with a question and some answers. Since we are all serious writers, it seemed necessary that we have a profound question. Much brow-sweating going on...and here we go...

How do YOU cook a turkey?

Kristi (who cooks hers upside down and started this whole quest for the perfect turkey cooking method): I don't use a bag, I use a disposable roasting pan, but yeah: turkey is breast-side down for moisture and I put a tinfoil 'tent' over it for all but the last hour(that also helps with moisture). Baste every 30 minutes or so and YUM! 

Nan: When I make a turkey, I use a bag—it makes such a tender and delicious turkey, I’ve just always done it that way. My kid brines his turkey, which is interesting, but feels like a lot of work! My sister, which is where we go on Thanksgiving, puts hers in one of those big stand-alone turkey roasters. Pretty tasty, too! I’m in charge of rolls because I make killer crescent rolls, and I also bring an awesome sweet potato casserole that includes pineapple, pecans, brown sugar and butter, but no marshmallows. It’s fab!! And I also make sugar-free pies for diabetics in my family. Hubs is severely lactose-intolerant, so he’s in charge of the sugar-free pumpkin pie. He makes it with soymilk—it gets rave reviews, even from the non-diabetics. Thanksgiving at Sister’s house always includes a wine-tasting—this year it’s cabernet sauvignons. ;-)

Liz: I cook mine in a bag. I salt and pepper it and spray it with some butter or rub some lovely flavored olive oil over it. However, I am stepping down from the head of the cooking table a lot this days and enjoying it. My girls and I do join Nan in the wine-tasting tradition--however, ours looks a little more like wine-gulping from whatever bottle anyone opens.

Margie: I don't cook a turkey. I wouldn't know what to do if you sat one down in front of me. Seriously. My dad always cooked holiday dinners when I was growing up and we'd go see a movie. Or play games before we set the table.  After my dad passed away, my youngest sister,Wendy, took over the bird duties--although last year, Mom and KB's friend Daniel took a stab at it. But this year, Wendy's doing it again and I'll probably whip up some whipping cream for the pies and whatever else she asks me to bring--Olives, maybe?

For now, thanks for coming by and, before you go, please tell us how you cook your turkey--or drink your wine.


  1. IF I ever have to cook a turkey, I now have three sources to hit up :)

  2. hehehe! I want your going-to-the-movies tradition, Margie! :)

  3. I brine mine. I've been doing it for years, and it's foolproof. Always tender turkey, amazing flavor. I use Alton Brown's brining method, and think it's awesome. Here's my blog on what I do: