Wednesday, November 26

Thanksgiving Memories

I was going to write about writing but tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I started thinking about that--about the pies I have to bake tonight or tomorrow morning. The deviled eggs I'm prepping tonight.

Yeah-I know I'm getting off easy--thanks to my baby sister and her fine cooking and timing skills. 

I'm a great baker--rarely burn anything. Down below you'll find a picture of the pumpkin whoopie pies I made yesterday after finding the recipe on

But, don't ask me to prepare a meal for a bunch of people--even if they are family. Totally stresses me out. I want everything ready at the same time and agh! See? I  get stressed just thinking about it.
 My first Thanksgiving memory is from when I was six. We lived in a trailer park in Norfolk, Virginia and my dad was home from being out to sea. 

This particular Thanksgiving was memorable because we had our dinner on his aircraft carrier. I remember going down some narrow metal stairs and sitting around a long, long table.

I don't know if this Thanksgiving was memorable because my dad was actually home or because we were on his ship. Either way, it's my earliest memory of Thanksgiving.

That and The Brady Bunch Thanksgiving episode. 

This year I'm thankful that my family is safe, healthy, and for the most part, happy. Have a great Thanksgiving and I'll see you back here next Thursday.


  1. Fun post, Margie! My husband finds the hamster Thanksgiving stuff incredibly funny, so I'll share this one with him! Enjoy the cookies! Yum!!