Wednesday, December 31

A New Year's Resolution...Of Sorts

I love this picture...and it's kind of a poignant reminder because its front-and-center in my calendar - the picture on the page facing my birthday week. Which was well over 2 months ago, but I'd marked it as a reminder and this morning the marker kind of flipped itself so I saw it again.

I like the pic not just because the image is one of my favorite things to do - hang out on a hammock/in the pool/lazing around - in my summer downtime. But because of the quote that goes along with it:

spend the afternoon, you can't take it with you ~ Annie Dillard

I don't know anything about Annie Dillard other than this quote, but I think the quote is enough. It's like the old adage that we should 'stop and smell the roses'.

This week marks the first of a brand new year. The calendar will trip past 2014 (how is the year almost already over?!?!?) in a few more hours, and we're planning spring break and summer trips and schedules around gymnastics and swim lessons.

So that quote has really stuck with me. As much 'extra' time as I have, with bebe in school full time now, it's too easy to fill up the time with 'stuff'. And I'm determined to have a productive - and enjoyable and relaxing! - winter/spring, too. So while I'm figuring out a writing schedule, a wife schedule and a mom schedule for the first half of the year, I'm also reminding myself to really *be* in those little moments, too. Like when bebe's chattering 90 miles an hour for the first fifteen minutes she's home. Or that look that RadioMan and I exchange over the dinner table. Or even those exasperating moments when I just want five minutes to wash the dishes or clean off the table. Or just flipping breathe.

So, my mantra for this new year is to spend the time...whatever I'm doing. What is yours?


  1. I'll write about mine on Monday, but I love the whole thought about spending the time. The quote was a new one to me, and it's going right to the top of my favorites list.

  2. I haven't chosen mine, but I love yours. I think of that whenever I see parents with their kids and the parent is so engrossed in their phone that they ignore the child. I have a quote--life is what happens when you were checking your phone--and I try to remember that when I'm out with anyone.