Friday, December 5

Question Friday- Holiday Edition: The Wranglers' Favorite Gifts To Give!

Hiya, WordWrangler readers! We're back with another Question Friday and this time it's a holiday edition. What gift has been your favorite to give?

Liz says, "I've blogged about it before, so some of you may remember it. It was the Christmas of 1975. I was making my little girl a Holly Hobby dress (to go along with her Holly Hobby everything else) and my sewing machine was giving me fits. My husband stayed up with me, making me coffee and talking and doing all the gift-wrapping we'd normally have done together, until 2:00 AM, when he wrapped the dress and we stumbled off to bed.

A very few hours later, we watched the kids open their gifts--the dress fit as though it was, well, yes, made for her, and she looked beautiful. My gift came out from under the tree last. It was a new sewing machine.

I loved the machine, but the best gift was Duane sitting there at the table with me until the dress was done. With three little ones, we didn't get much "us" time, and those particular hours were precious ones."

Nan says, "Oh, my! Lizzie! You tear me up! Great best gift. My best gift is so much more mundane and doesn’t have any kind of great story except that it made me and continues to make me unreasonably happy.

Two years ago, Husband surprised me with a Kindle Fire HD—I’d just started reading electronically and I wasn’t sure I wanted to, but since that was how my books were going to be published, I felt like I should give it a try. I wasn’t all that crazy about the first Kindle I bought for myself—it was very basic. The Fire HD has been a blast and I take it everywhere! I check email on it, I read like crazy, I Skype with Grandboy—it’s an all-purpose, very portable e-reader. What can I say? I’m shallow—it makes me happy. ;-)"

Kristina says, "Mine is a recent Christmas: The Christmas of 2013. bebe's been slightly-more-than-obsessed with LalaLoopsy Dolls for the past couple of years. She has, at last count, 7 Bigs and 5 Littles (big and little sisters, for those of you without little ones in the house) and 4 big-dolls-but-without-little-sisters. Oh, and she has their pets (they come with them, we don't seek them out), a stroller, a motorized scooter for the dolls...and on and on.

We decided last year she needed a house to put them all in because there are only so many times you can sit on the hard arm of a LalaLoopsy Doll before you're scarred for life. So RadioMan and I set out for the toy store to see what they had and - what do you know? - they had a LalaLoopsy version...that is three stories tall. And had to be put together by hand (guess who's completely handy with an allen wrench now?) and since we have a small house the putting together had to wait until bebe was asleep on Christmas Eve. Three hours later the crooked walls were perfect (they were crooked on purpose, it's a LalaLoopsy thing), RadioMan had a cut on his palm and I was a little loopy from the concentration needed to *quietly* build a house in the living room when the kid is sleeping just down the hall. She was so happy when she came out of her room on Christmas morning, but the best part (like Liz) is the memory of laughing uncontrollably and shushing each other as we played Santa's Workshop into the wee hours of Christmas morning."

Margie says, "The second year we were stationed in Iceland, Santa came to each home on the base and delivered a present to each child. It was so magical to have Santa visit us. That was the year that I got a stuffed pink cat that I named Meower. I had him well into my teenage years--possibly the only toy that made it back to the states with me.

As for giving, about five years ago I got my daughters tickets for Wicked when it came to Portland. I was so excited because they really wanted to go and I knew they'd be surprised. I bought the soundtrack and wrapped the tickets in with it. And by the time the show came in the Spring, they knew all the songs."

We'll be back with another Question Friday: Holiday Edition next week...and don't forget if you've got a question you'd like to ask, leave the question in the comments or send it through our Facebook page. Until next week...


  1. Hmm...I notice Ms. Nan and I didn't read the question right, did we? My answer was my favorite gift I GOT. Mine to GIVE was yesterday, when I took Dollar Store tiaras up to the school and all the little girls in my daughter's class got to participate in Tiara Thursday. It was fun--and the kids liked it, too. :-)

    1. Wow, Liz, we did blow this one, didn't we? Okay, so my favorite gifts to give each year are my croissants and other baked goods. The rolls kick major yeast roll butt and the neighbors actually look forward to them every Christmas.

      My favorite gift that I ever gave was, interestingly, when I gave Husband a Kindle Fire about three years ago. It's turned him into an avid reader and I love that! Also, I made a scrapbook for Son one year of pictures of his childhood. It's really cool and he treasures it.

  2. You guys crack me up. Because I thought it was the best gift to give then your answers made me rethink what I was answering so I covered both cases.

    1. hehehehehe - me, too, Margie! But then I just went along with Liz and Nan. :D