Thursday, January 15

Love Of Reading

 We've been on a reading frenzy in our house lately. I'd blame it on the weather, but honestly, our weather has been pretty mild this season. Climate change has been pretty good to us up here in the NW corner of the country.

Back to our reading frenzy.

It all started last week when I had like five preorders download in a matter of minutes. Preorders are going to be the death of my bank account, me thinks...

 The first book I dove into was Kristin Harmel's The Life Intended. This is kind of a Sliding Doors/Ghost story. I've been waiting months since reading her last book, The Sweetness of Forgetting, for this one to release. And it was well-worth the wait. I had a book hangover for a couple of days, knowing the next book I'd read wouldn't live up to expectations.

I was wrong. 

My sister had demanded recommended that I read JoJo Moyes Me Before You. I had actually gotten it before the massive downloads occurred, but hadn't begun it. Then KB read it and insisted I read it. So I did. And they were both right. 

It was an awesome read and now, we all have a new author we are downloading their backlist. 

That's the wonder of Kindle. KB came out this morning and asked if we could get a couple more of JoJo's books. We share a Kindle account but she can't order from her iPad, so I showed her how to order what she wanted from my Kindle. And then she paid me for the three books she ordered. Which is awesome because I now have three new books that I didn't have to pay for. Win-win.

I think one of the best things I did as a mother was to cultivate a love of reading for my children. And like most good things, I don't think I set out to do it, but it was done by example. 
When they were younger and we went to the mall, if they were good, we got to go to the bookstore. What they didn't know is, had they been bad, we probably still would've gone because that was my favorite place. But, I used it as a reward. And they--especially KB--learned early on, if they asked for a book, I'd nine out of ten times say yes.

I guess times haven't change so much...

I am now reading an older Kristen Harmel, Italian For Beginners..and I have three of JoJo's books in the que along with Kristina Knight's The Daughter He Always Wanted, and the first in a new mystery series, Snow Way Out by Christine Husom.

What are you reading?


  1. I'm still reading The Daughter He Always Wanted a little at a time (spread out the pleasure) and looking forward to my box of RITA entries. I have eight coming, so my reading time will be locked in for a while!

  2. I'm also reading Kristi's book right now and I have a whole Kindle full of others! Lots to choose from!

  3. Well, I finished Italian For Beginners last night, so I guess I'll join the other wranglers and start Kristi's book :)

  4. My RITA books just arrived so...I can't tell you *what* I'm reading (judging has to be secret! lol) but I can tell you I've got 7 romances (and 4 new-to-me authors) that I'm excited to get started on! :)

    You guys are making me blush...I hope you all enjoy TDHW, I had a ball writing it!