Thursday, February 26

Friday Funk

 Friday was not a good day for me. 

My dog was deathly ill and I was thinking we were going to have to put her down. Even though my head was in a bad place, I still had to go on with my day, which included
 a writing workshop led by Chuck Sambuchino.

Note:I highly recommend any workshop led by Chuck. He is an awesome presenter--which was good because he did every presentation for the day.

One of the presentations included the reading of a page aloud as five agents and editors listened and raised their hand when they would quit reading if the page came across their desk in a query.

I had reworked the first page of my WIP and sent it past my wrangler buds and felt pretty confident. And then, Chuck started reading it aloud. And I was really glad it was anonymous, because I actually winced when he got to the third paragraph. Winced! And I was the author. And  I got five rejections. Quick rejections. Fourth paragraph--and my paragraphs are tiny--rejections.

So, when I went into my consult, I pitched a different WIP and totally tanked it. The agent intern asked questions I wasn't prepared to answer and suggested that I might want to make it middle grade instead of YA.

I spent the rest of the weekend reevaluating my writing plan--what I wanted to write. Because honestly, I wasn't feeling it on anything. I've been in a writing funk for a while, not totally committing to anything which means not making a lot a progress on anything either.

Then on Tuesday, I was scrolling through the comments on Nan's post and came across Claudia's recommendation of The Snowflake Method. And since I'm a pantser who doesn't think that much ahead--which I think is why I'm struggling of late--I decided to buy it. Thank you, Kindle, for immediate access. 

And I decided to use the method on a new WIP, an idea I've had for the last five years but haven't done anything with as of yet. But, it's an idea close to my heart and every time I hear "Hey, there Delilah" by Plain White T's, I want to write this book.

So--I've started the new WIP via the Snowflake method and I've actually thought further ahead in the book and into the characters than I've ever done before.

 I like the book so much that I ordered a print copy from B&N--because they didn't have one in stock at the store--so I can make notes and highlight things. Kindle works great for reading books, but not as good for instructional reading/learning. 

So, thank you, Claudia Pfeiffer for the awesome recommendation. 

And if anyone is wondering, our dog turned the corner Friday night and came back to us. I think the meds finally kicked in after three days and she's on the mend. I'm taking her back in this afternoon to have her blood tested, but I feel optimistic. 

And I feel optimistic about my new WIP...I'm directing my sails...


  1. Sounds exciting, Margie--sorry the workshop didn't go better!

  2. OH, the workshop went well--except for the "glitch" or two :) Honestly, it was a good learning experience. Pollyanas unite! :)

  3. Oh Babe, so sorry things have been bad, but glad the dog is ok and that Claudia's comment helped you. Claudia is a delightful lady--you really should get to know her! I'm thinking of buying the Snowflake book--it sounds really good!

    1. I'm so glad Claudia recommended the book. It's made me think about things in a whole new way as to how my process works--or doesn't always :)

  4. It was a challenging Friday! Sorry. But Chuck's presentation sounds good. I admit, I haven't read the Snowflake Method--maybe I should! Glad it's triggered some positive response for you.

    1. Thanks, Barbara! Chuck's workshop was really good.

  5. So glad to hear your puppy is okay. It's so heart breaking when they are sick. :( And best of luck with the new WIP! You've inspired me (a fellow panster) to go check out the book you referenced! So thank you!

    1. Thank you, Staci! We took her back to the vet today and had a setback. Although she's been doing better on the "outside"--as in eating, not lethargic, not vomitting--her platelets are even lower. Last week they were at 34 & 32. Today 20! So, they started her on a new med and we go back on Saturday to see if that helps. The vet said Mimi's body is basically attacking herself and they can't figure out what's going on. They sent some blood off to a more advanced lab, so I guess we'll just hold tight and hope for the best.

      Let me know if the book helps you out like it did me.