Friday, February 6

Liz Flaherty - It's All About Me

I'm a little embarrassed here. Okay, I'm a lot embarrassed. Because, with the approval--nay, the encouragement of my fellow Wranglers, I've appointed this All-About-Me Day. Yes, this is unusual and No, we're not going to make a habit of it. Except for when one of us has Special Things Going On.

Step one on the About Me Walk. Have you heard of JABBIC, the Judge A Book By Its Cover contest sponsored by Houston Bay Area RWA? If not, go on over there and take a look. See all those dishy covers? If you look in the Contemporary Series catgory, you'll find lots of wonderful entries. Some are by other Harlequin Heartwarming Authors (I tend to favor them--can't help myself), but they're all by authors who are proud of their books and happy with their covers. The cover of Back to McGuffey's is the fourth one down. It's still my favorite cover of all time and I'd so appreciate your vote. While you're there, so would everyone else. The entries are lovely.

Just in case you've forgotten what McGuffey's is about, here's its blurb:

The one that got away

Could Kate Rafael’s day get any worse? First she lost her job, then her house burned down and now
her ex is back in town. Apparently, Ben McGuffey's taking a break from being a big-city doctor to help at his family’s tavern and reassess the choices he's made for his career.

Ben ends up giving Kate a hand...then giving her kisses...and finally, a second chance. But when a local teenager shows them both a glimpse of what it means to be a family, Ben wonders if having kids in small-town Vermont would clash with his ambitions. Or can he truly come home again…to Kate?

It's available anywhere, but if you prefer print, you have to go through the Harlequin website Please do--I'd be thrilled and grateful.

While we're talking about me--gosh, isn't this fun--let me remind you of Heartwarming Authors Giveaway for Valentine's Day. If you haven't left us a comment over there, go on by.

Thanks to everyone, especially to Kristi, Margie, and Nan for their support. Have a great day!


  1. Go, Liz! I'd have voted even if it wasn't your cover--I love your cover! And your book :)

    1. Thank you, Margie. Wranglers are the best!

  2. whoop! Love that cover and I voted - good luck!

  3. McGuffy's is one of my very favorite covers--not just of yours, but of all time! Hope you win, baby!!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks so much, Jill. See you tomorrow, too!