Thursday, February 19

My Fickle Muse

 Tomorrow I am attending a How to get published workshop led by Chuck Sambuchino. And I have registered for a consult as well.

Here's the thing--what do I want to pitch?

Do I pitch Bix as an upper-middle grade/younger YA?

Do I pitch Pages of Life? My current WIP when I don't get distracted by my fickle muse. The other day I went to B&N to get some work done and she kept trying to ply me away from Pages by dangling ideas about my Ice Age book that I shelved like five years ago to work on Bix. But current weather conditions are making the Ice Age book seem not so far-fetched. And she really did come up with some good plot ideas.

Oh Muse, why does thou tempt me so?

I sat down to write a query letter for Pages and instead one came out for Greekpokolypse--the story of girl transported into an iceberg only to find relics of the Greek Gods in danger of being melted and releasing the Gods from their slumber. Aiding her in a quest to keep the Gods at bay is demi-god Yuri, son of Hermes. Well, and Hermes who is more trouble than he's worth.

I think at this point, my muse is simply toying with me.

But I did resist the urge to stray and got back to work on my query which I'm going to put here in a plea for help. 

Dear Agent:

Benched with a rotator-cuff injury, NPF pitcher, Emma Watkins takes on the task of cleaning out her senile, paper-hoarding grandmother's house. She finds an eager assistant when the man next-door offers his landscaping skills for the price of a date.

Determined to return to her team and competes for an Olympic--should softball be reinstated--spot, Emma balks at the thought of a relationship. Although, she's not opposed to some hot and heavy fooling around.

Once settled in, Emma starts sifting through the papers--newsprint, bills, scraps--only to discover a cache of letters and cards that hint at a life her grandmother hid from Emma and her mom all these years.

Was her grandmother a Racine/Battlecreek Belle? Why do some of the letters hint at a family rift? What happened all those years ago?

With the aid of Dex, who welcomes the distraction for his own reasons, the duo set out in search of Emma's long-lost Uncle in hopes of reuniting him with his mother before she slips away forever in the depths of her mind. 

Told in three viewpoints, Emma's, Dex's, and her grandmother, Valerie Pearl's, PAGES OF LIFE is a generational tale of love, and some other stuff.

Sorry I'm running out of time, work beckons. Let me know what you think is my best choice and any critiques of the query welcomed gladly as I have only tonight to make some tweaks.

Thank you!


  1. Boldly and without reservation, as a copyeditor is wont to do, I edited your letter and sent it to your email. Hope it helps. Hugs!

    1. Help? Immensely. Thank you so much!

  2. I think Pages, and with editor Nan on the job, you're well-armed!