Thursday, February 12

The Bestest Day

 This was the hardest blog to come up with because I'm not a romantic and I'm not married to a romantic. I can count on one and half hands how many times he's brought me flowers. And you know what, that's okay. 

I think of when the girls were little and I'd have a particularly stressful day and he'd start a bath, grab whatever book I was reading, and push me toward the bathroom. "I'll put the girls to bed."

For me, that's romance.

So, when I started thinking about my all-time favorite Valentines Day, it had to be 1990. That was the year Jordan was born--five weeks early and five weeks undergrown. She came into the world via an emergency C-section in January, weighing a mere two pounds, twelve ounces. She was the smallest baby that Vancouver Memorial Hospital ever kept in their Neonatal Unit. 

While her health issues were minimal, it was still touch and go those first couple of weeks. She lost four ounces of weight--for her, an ounce was like the equivalent of us losing ten pounds--before she began to gain weight. But then, almost two weeks into her life, she began to gain--a gram here, two grams there.

And on Valentines Day 1990, she reached the four pound milestone. Like I said, her health was pretty good and our pediatrician had indicated if that continued, then when she reached four pounds she could come home.

Unfortunately, if I remember correctly, Valentines Day fell on a Saturday that year and our doctor was off, so we had to wait until Monday to bring her home. She came home the day before her due date--five weeks old.

But what I remember about that Valentines Day was the promise of having my baby home where she belonged.

Happy Valentines to you and yours! Have a great weekend and remember, memories come in all sizes.  

**The top picture is of Jordan at about two weeks, I think. And this bottom was last month, Me, Kristen, my sister, Wendy, and Jordan, now 25, in the red glasses.


  1. Oh, Margie, I love that story, and I think when Mike put the girls to bed and gave you the night off, that's as romantic as it gets. Right up there with up-to-his-elbows in dishwater!

    1. Thanks, Liz. And I totally agree. Mike is so thoughtful when it comes to how I'm feeling--which is so much better than roses :)

  2. Such a touching story. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    1. Sandra, thanks for coming by and you're welcome. I'm glad you like it.

  3. What a great story! A baby is always a gift and I'm totally with Liz, a man who'll take over bedtime and send you off to a bubble bath is truly romantic. Keep him! Hugs and Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Oh, I love this story, Margie, what a great Valentine's Day, indeed!