Tuesday, March 17

The Summer of Second Chances

 Okay, so it's my regular day to post here at Word Wranglers, but today is extra-special because it's also RELEASE DAY!! Yes, the newest Women of Willow Bay novel has arrived! So without any more fanfare, here is the blurb... hope you're intrigued and are clicking immediately to your favorite e-book retailer to grab your copy! Merci, mes amies!

It's never too late to start over...

When Sophie Russo inherits two lakeside cottages in Willow Bay, Michigan, she thinks she can start over with a peaceful, quiet summer.

Boy, is she wrong.

First, there’s Henry Dugan, the nerdy genius behind the GeekSpeak publishing empire who has rented Sophie’s second cottage so he can write his novel. The instant attraction catches them both off guard. He’s fresh off a brutal divorce, and Sophie’s still grieving her beloved Papa Leo, so this is no time to start a relationship, but a casual summer fling might be an option…

Then Sophie’s long-lost mother barrels onto the scene and opens up a long-buried mystery involving Depression-era mobsters and a missing cache of gold coins worth millions that some present-day hoodlums would like to get their hands on.

Suddenly, Sophie’s quiet summer becomes a dangerous dance with her grandfather’s dark past. With Henry at her side–and in her bed–Sophie needs to find a way to make peace with the past and look toward the future… assuming she lives that long.

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  1. Yay! And I bought it. Can't wait to start it. Have to finish current read then on to this :)

  2. Thanks, guys! You have no idea how much I appreciate your support!!