Thursday, April 16


Today is an anomaly. 

It is my day off and I have nothing that I have to do. Oh, don't get me wrong--I have plenty of chores that I could--that I should do--but nothing that I have to do.

It's kind of mind-blowing how good that feels. Freedom. Unadulterated freedom.

Of course, if you stopped by my house and glanced at my yard, you might disagree with me. So far, the weather hasn't cooperated with my work schedule--raining on my days off, sunny while I'm working--so that I can get the lawn mowed. And now, it's pretty much a jungle out there.

I interrupt this post to explain, the top picture is what I want my garden to look like.

And this other picture is what my garden actually looks like. Although I don't think this picture gives the horrific justice that I need to relay.

Back to the post.

I walked out this morning and discovered that bluebells are are now mixed in with the grass along my flower bed. Mmmm. Do I mow them down, try to move them, or just let them be and expand the flower bed?

I noticed a flower I didn't know I had but it's tangled up with a blackberry vine that I need to destroy. Last year the blackberries tried to stage a coup in my patio beds, darn near succeeding. And now they just have random vines around the patio--one creeping into my clematis, another winding around a tree and honeysuckle bush--that I need to stop now before they get a foothold. I don't care if they want to take over the brush pile, where a opossum may or may not live.  But, they need to stay away from the patio.

Today, it is supposed to be 70. But, not yet. Right now, the lawn is soaked in dew and residual rain from the past week.

So, this morning, I have nothing to do. 
 So, today I will write. Because last night my characters were talking to me. 

And because I have nothing I HAVE to do. Except write.

Take that, blackberry vines!

Oh, wait. Does that mean the blackberry vines win? Because they probably don't want me out there killing them. 

But, maybe I'll go write now. And kill them this afternoon when it gets to be warmer. Yes. That could be the plan. Insert evil cackle here.

NOW, onto my day of nothing to do, except what I want to do.....


  1. LOL. I love what you want your garden to look like--it is so pretty. Hope you get writing done and just let the blackberries have their own way today.

  2. I know. In my head, my garden already looks like that, and then I look out the window. LOL. Kind of like my body and mirrors.

    Now, to write...

  3. Yay for a day of writing!!! And I think your garden looks great - much better than mine! lol RadioMan and I played hookey today and went to see Furious 7 - 2 hours of mindless fun, things blowing up and car chases. Good times!

  4. I warned you that the picture didn't do it justice! LOL

    Playing hooky is always a good day.