Wednesday, April 1

Who's Your Tribe?

I've been seeing this meme on Facebook and the other social networks for a couple of weeks now, and every time I see it it makes me smile. For the person who is posting it and for the people she is posting it for...and for me, too, because every time I see it I'm reminded that I'm not alone.

Writing is very solitary work, and that is why I'm glad I have my tribe, my group of online and in-person friends who draw me out of the writing cave...or sometimes come inside to dwell with me.

There are Sharon and Christine, who are my accountability partners. We report in on what we're working on and what our goals are. And whine and encourage each other along the way.

There are my Wranglers here, who are some of my first readers...and of course blog partners.

A few weeks ago I whined to my online writer friends that I was I hesitate to say burned out, but I wasn't excited about the book I was writing or the book I was editing. I wasn't excited about the books I was reading, either. I just wanted to mindlessly watch television. Or stare into space. Play video games. They all gave me some tough love and some very sage advice about stepping away from what I was doing, for just a little while. They could have not done that. Could have told me I'd told all the stories I needed to and to just walk away...Instead, they had my back.

My local writing group is the same way - even though I don't get to nearly enough meetings. They commiserate and encourage and offer ideas and solutions...and sometimes we just hold the hand of whoever needs it.

My family is part of my tribe ~ some of them read everything I write and enjoy, some of them don't read anything I write, but they still encourage me...and some of them give me some tough love about what didn't work for them in the books.

Since my first book was published in June of 2012, I've had 9 books published with four more coming this year, along with a boxed set with a group of really terrific writers. Add to that the 2016 calendar and I'll have at least another 8 books coming out over the next 2 years. That is a lot of writing. A lot of books. I'm not's more that I look at those numbers and think W.O.W. This has been a crazy ride, and I'm not through yet. I'm not finished telling my stories and that is partly to do with my tribe - my in person people and my online people and my readers...I love you all. Thank you for being on my crazy ride!


  1. I'm glad to be part of your tribe--and right back atcha! It does amaze me that such a solitary undertaking as writing opens our lives to being involved with so many great people we wouldn't have known otherwise. Nice post, Kristi.

    1. thanks, Liz! I agree - I've met so many warm, giving, amazing people through writing that I wouldn't have met otherwise.

  2. I'm so happy to be part of your tribe..although it's been a while since I've been a first reader :)

    My sisters are my tribe around here. And my Bunco gals--some of them, not including my sisters and mom, I've been friends with since high school. One of them introduced me to Mike.

    1. that is so cool!

      And, I know..I actually have some chapters I'm going to send to you girls next week. bwahaha