Thursday, May 7


I love it when my characters talk to me at night--especially if I'm still conscious and can take notes. Last night, I came up with a new possible title for Bix, if I decide to go MG with the book and character. What do you think of: Bix, Paintball Assassin?

I also love it when I dream about them. That doesn't happen as often, but when it does it makes me wake up in a good mood.

I wake up in the best mood when I have a Dad dream. Especially if he talks in the dream. And I remember it.
My sisters and I call each other whenever we have a Dad dream--as if there's a message to share. Or maybe because we know how rare or special those dreams are.

JV likes to ask choice questions. What movie are you most looking forward to? What super power would you want? 

Sometimes she gives options, but other times I have to decide on my own. The super power one is easy. I'd want to fly. Once I had a dream in which I flew. No, I soared and it was amazing. That was a few years ago and I can still feel that rush when I think about it.

My reoccurring dream is a house. A house with a hidden room. Sometimes clues are left as to where this house exists. Like once, it looked like my Aunt Gerdie's house--which Mom had inherited and just sold--and I had missed my chance to find the hidden room that's full of antiques and secrets. Mmmm, I wonder if this dream is more about something being hidden from me than about the house???  And perhaps that's why I haven't had the dream in a very long time....Mmmmm, food for thought.
 My last thought is a quote from Field Of Dreams--"If you build it, they will come."

But, I'd change it to: If you sit down at you PC, the words will come. I had no thought on what to post when I sat down this morning. Even after dwelling on it for the last couple of days. But then I sat down and started typing about my garden. Then I found the picture in the top left and everything fell in place after that.

So, sit down, put your fingers on the keyboard--the words are waiting for you.

Oh--and tell me about your dreams. I shouldn't be the only dream-exposed person on the internet today.


  1. Ohhh, you asked for it. I dreamed the mafia was after me. They chased me through crowded traffic because I was hiding an 8-yr-old witness to a murder. I took her to the apartment of a friend of mine, who had a huge, loud, My-Big-Fat-Greek-Wedding-type family. I kept telling them to lock the door because the mafia might come, but not only did they not do that - they left it open. I heard creaking in the hallway.

    I woke up. :-)

    I like the new title for Bix! And I know what you mean about Dad dreams - for me, it's Mom dreams.

  2. Laura--I love it when you stop by!

    Don't you hate it when nobody will listen to you in your dreams--or take you seriously?? I once had a dream that I was being attacked and I strangled--as in killed--the guy with the cord of a lamp. I woke up shaking it was so real.

    Thanks for the title love. I'm seriously thinking about nixing the girlfriend parts and going MG. I'm reading fresh beta comments that focused on the MG/YA aspects of it. I have to decide which will be easier and best in the long run. AGH--

  3. Not sure on Bix's title... And on dreams, I hardly ever remember them and mine never--almost never, that is--make any sense at all. I do love thinking about stories in progress before I sleep, because I think those ideas percolate during sleep. Nice post, Margie.

    1. I totally agree about the percolating, Liz.

  4. I love it when I have dreams I remember - but usually they are so nonsensical that it doesn't even matter because I have no idea what any of it meant!

    Good luck with Bix - I think that's a good title for MG!

    1. I remember my dreams fairly often, at least a few times a week. Even though I know that the ones I remember are about a fifth of what I really dreamed.