Thursday, June 25

On the hunt

Where did all the mutts go?

Do you remember when you could get a puppy just by being in the right parking lot? 

I remember going into a little pet shop to get my grandfather a pup for Father's Day and we were told that she, to be named Tiger, was half American Eskimo and half traveling salesman.

Not today. Or at least not in my neck of the woods.

Last month, we lost our beloved beagle, Mimi, to cancer. She was a little over ten years old. And she was Jordan's constant companion.

She is so missed. I can't believe I don't have to Mimi-proof the house when I leave--making sure I don't have a lunch bag with leftovers on the table, pushing all the chairs under the table because if one was left ajar that served as an invitation to inspect the table contents, and shutting the bathroom and bedroom doors.   

I miss her excited butt shimmy and happy dance. And I miss how happy she made Jordan.

Jordan's ready for a new pup to love and to bring her Joy. Yes, we just saw Inside Out, and Joy should be capitalized :)  So, I've been scouring Craig's List, Humane Society pages of Vancouver, Washougal, and Portland. And any other website I can click on.

Here's what I've found out:

1-Puppies are seriously over-priced. Seriously. Some going for over a thousand bucks. Even the cheap ones are over $500. Seriously?

2-And they're all pure-breds. And those that aren't are now "designer" dogs, not mutts, so they are also over-priced. I guess in the grand scheme of things, this is a good thing. It means people aren't letting their unsullied animals run amok and fornicate with abandon. In the "I have only so much money and can't afford to fork over a mint for a pup" scheme of things, not such a good thing.

3-Chihuahuas are overbred along with Pitt Bulls. These breeds seem to fill the majority slots on the rosters of the local animal shelters-whether full-bred or half-breeds.

But,I persevere to find the right dog for our family. I know she's out there somewhere just waiting for her forever home. 


  1. I'm so sorry you lost Mimi, Margie...and the right pup will come along. A friend-of-a-friend brought us Hazel, but before we found her we checked PetFinder often...and the rescue organizations, too, in addition to your local Humane Societies.

  2. I hope you find one soon. Have you checked for rescues?

  3. Thank you, girls! We went to the Oregon Humane Society this week and checked them out. And while we learned a lot---like they go to California every week to bring up "in danger" animals --40-60 a week--and that the best day to go to their Humane Society is Thursday after the animals have come back and gone through shots and sterilization. And that last year over 11,000 animals were placed with their forever homes.

    But, we didn't find what we were looking for. Yet. On the plus side, while Jordan is desperate for a dog to love, she's waiting for the "One".