Thursday, August 6

Another AGH Moment

 By Margie Senechal
On the eve of attending the Willamette Writer's Conference, my new business cards arrived.

They have the new title of my Bix book along with my name and not RG Senechal which I had considered using for quite a while.

See the picture to your left or wherever it ends up?

Well, look at the address. Yep, apparently I didn't proofread so well. I live on 83nd Avenue. I don't even know how to begin to say that. We tried last night. I think it's an impossibility. Just for the record, the 3 should be a 2. 

How does one recover from that?

Yes, please look at my novel. As you can see from my business card, I can't proofread, so please keep that in mind. 

I'm thinking that since agents rarely use addresses anymore, maybe I'll just let it slide--not mention it. They can think that in Vancouver, we just have weird address pronunciations.

And I ordered this baseball cap and mouse pad as inspirations to keep at it.
Cute, huh?

And guess what?

I'm thinking that this rewrite is sounding more YA than MG. But on the plus side, it's progressing nicely.

I woke up this morning with Bix's mom talking to him and had to get out of bed at 6:15--on my day off, mind you--to capture her words.

And I've been at it ever since. Okay, so it's only 9:45 now, but still that's commitment for me.

I think I've come to a decision. Keep writing and let the chips fall where they may. If Bix turns out YA, I have agents who read the last version and loved the YA elements, so I'll contact them. And if it's MG, I'll find an agent out there who wants an MG Adventure.

Okay, I have to get back to my real writing now, so have a great day and I'll let you know next week just how the chips fell at the conference :)


  1. Good luck, Margie!! I'm going with 'eighty-third-nt'.. :D

    1. LOL. It's hard to think, let alone say it :)

  2. Oh, Margie sorry about the typo, but thank you for making me laugh today! I'm thinking eighty-three-end. You crazy west-coasters. ;) Maybe you could buy stickers and stick over the typo? On the other hand, if you joke about it, it will make you memorable!

    I always find pseudonym choices interesting. What made you decide to go with Margie instead of RG after all? (I personally like Margie).

    1. I like the idea of making a memorable impression!

      Margie just feels like me. LOL

      I only chose RG because I knew if I heard it, I'd answer because it rhymes with my name :) When I worked at Walgreens I answered phones for Pharmacy because it sounded so close to my name.

      I'm always about getting the laugh, so mission accomplished. It's always so good to hear from you, Laura!

  3. There was--at one time anyway--a street sign in Logansport, Indiana for either 22rd or 23nd; either way, I laughed every time I saw it. You're not the only one it happens to. :-) Like your hat!

  4. Ha! I'm not the only one. At least it will only last until I order a new set :)