Monday, August 24

...when I'm feeling sad...

by Liz Flaherty

Nan wrote about her favorite places last week, so I'm going to semi-steal her idea--not having any of my own this morning--and write about some of my favorite things. I hope you ring in with some of yours.

1. Laughing babies
2. Teenage people
3. Writing the first chapter
4. Old friends
5. New friends
6. Sunrise & sunset
7. Hot tea
8. Clothes that have been washed so often they stay soft no matter what
9. The day a pre-ordered book shows up on my Kindle
10. Knowing in my heart there will be joy in the morning, even though I'm not sure what morning it will be.

It is difficult times right now for some people I love--I hope their mornings of joy come soon.

Have a great week.


  1. That's a great list. Here's hoping the morning joy comes soon.

  2. those are some of my favorites, too. I'll add: Reading with bebe...well, reading, period...but especially with bebe.

  3. One of my favorite things is seeing good things happen to those I love. Wishing joy to all your family and friends, Liz.

  4. So many favorite things, but one of the best? Lunch at a tea room with my dear friend. Also, boat rides, coffee in the morning, wine, texting with my sister, being with Dee on chemo days, all my dear friends... long list.. The joy will be here again, mon amie. <>

  5. My favorite thing is when my husband wraps me in a hug regardless of who's watching or that we've been married for thirty-five years.

  6. Games and laughter with my family
    Fall rain and wind storms--can't get here soon enough this year
    The beach--especially that first intake of salt sea air
    A book I can't put down--excited because Kristan Higgins new book should download tonight. The one time being on the West Coast is a good thing--the books download on Eastern time :) I guess that's another happy thought.
    Love to you and yours--hope things brighten up soon.

    1. Thanks, Margie--I'm waiting on Kristan's book, too!

  7. Coming home.
    Lovely post, Liz.

  8. Great list Liz. I would add - spending quiet time in the morning talking to God and knowing all things will work out for the best. Sending prayers for your loved ones that joy does return to their lives.

    1. Thanks, Carolyn. I love mornings for all purposes and keep trying to stretch them out.

  9. The love of a dog.
    Writing the last chapter of a novel.
    Observing a baby/toddlers progress from crawling, waving, clapping, to walking and talking.

  10. Great list! I'd add laughing - not for any reason except for joy spilling out all over the dang place.