Tuesday, September 1

Memo to Summer

Dear Summer,

Where did you go? It's September 1! Seriously? How did that happen? Just a few days it ago, it was the middle of June and I was making a packing list in preparation for our trip to visit the kids. And now, there's just the faintest touch of fall in the air with crisp cool nights coming on and even milder temperatures during the day. You only gave us a few truly hot and dry days, mostly it rained and was muggy and nasty.

Already, lake life is slowly easing into fall as well. The lake is dead quiet during the week and even weekends aren't as busy because nearly everyone's kids or grandkids are back to school, which means homework, sports, and extracurricular activities take precedence over going to the lake. Before we know it, it will be time to pull the boat out of the water and store it for the winter, time to winterize the cottage and head back to the full-time city life.

And hey, Summer, my goal of getting most of the next book done--remember that goal? Well, it's faded into fall as well. I did get one writerly thing accomplished this summer though--my books are going to be out in print! The goal was to have them ready to launch by August 31 and I'm expecting the proofs today, so mission accomplished! After I cruise through them, they'll go up at Amazon and Barnes&Noble and the folks who've been asking about print editions of the Women of Willow Bay books can grab their copies. All three titles should be available later this week sometime.

Well, Summer, maybe I shouldn't blame you when my life gets in your way. It's not like you disappeared on purpose--your days just passed by as every season's days seem to do anymore. And even though I didn't get much writing in, I did get in a lot of  wondrous time with Son and Grandboy. Being away from home for so long was hard, yes, but it was grand to spend time with my guys and to help out Son--opportunities for that are few and far between since he became an adult. And if I couldn't be at home, at least I was in a beautiful place where your sun shone brightly almost every day. I got to snuggle a loving little three-year-old every night for month. That part was lovely!

All in all, Summer, we've spent darn little time together this year. It's okay. I'll smile, slide into the next season, shake hands with Autumn, and adjust my goal-setting... well...maybe... but not just yet. There are still some hot days due in September and I've got plans that involve lake swimming and boat rides and beach walks... Hang in there with me, won't you? Just a little bit longer?

Love and Sunshine,



  1. Nice post, Nan. This was my kind of summer (once it stopped raining). I hate to see it go so quickly, but I love fall! Looking forward to seeing it in MIchigan.

    1. Thanks, Liz! Autumn is gorgeous in Michigan, although there won't be a lot of color when we're there. But the lake... ;-)

  2. Mine, too! It went way too fast...but there were times when it was interminable (like the last half of July when bebe was constantly going on with the 'what can we do noooow' stuff). I'm looking forward to fall and the crunching of leaves and the pumpkin spice everything...but I'm not quite ready to let go of summer...

  3. LOL. It's all in perspective. For me, summer has lasted forever! It began in April or May and is just now winding down. I so welcome the cool breezes, the chill in the air, and the rain. Although, I don't trust that we've entered that entirely yet.

    It was so hot here that we actually broke down and bought an AC when the temp was teasing the 100's in June. My yard is a freaking fire hazard--so dry that even the dandelions are dying out. Yeah, Fall can't get here soon enough this year :)