Monday, September 14

Postcards From the Road--Day 1

Hi, everybody, Nan, here. Liz and I are settling into our hotel located on beautiful Muskegon Lake. Check out the view from our window! This harbor is just below us and in a bit, we're heading down for supper in either the hotel bar/grill or the restaurant next door.

We got an early start, packed my car full--I mean really full and headed north. My navigation system, whom I affectionately named Gigi, took us on every back road imaginable getting up here. It occurred to me quite a while into the trip that I'd set her to avoid highways when Husband and I took a drive not long ago. She was still avoiding them today! But as it turned it out, she found a lovely little farm market for us and took us to the beach at South Haven for a picnic with no trouble at all.

Liz here. I only brought one little orange suitcase. The rest of that stuff is Nan's. Not buying that? Oh,
well, sigh...a fun trip so far. Great room in the hotel. Beautiful weather. So far we have fought Airdrop on our phones--she blamed mine until hers quit, too--Gigi's propensity for "take the next turn" because she didn't like highways, and getting all of our stuff put away.

We do have a lot of stuff.

Including two new wineglasses because we stopped at a tasting room, a bottle of olive oil because there is this so-cool store in South Haven called The Olive Cart, and red sweatshirts with the Great Lakes on them because, hey, they were five bucks!

Well, I'm going to sign off. I'm hungry and I've already eaten most of the gouda Nan brought. We'll be back with you tomorrow. Have a great one!


  1. Sounds wonderful! My kind of adventure!

  2. I love those olive oil stores. Ours has great balsamic vinegars, too. What a fun trip!

    1. This one has vinegars, too, and it smells like heaven in there!

  3. I love these postcards! Don't have too much fun, girlies!

  4. Have a wonderful time. Keep the postcards coming. We can enjoy it through your words.

  5. Keep'em coming! Loving your adventure vicariously with a little bit twinge of green :)