Wednesday, September 16

Postcards From the Road--Day 3 Pentwater/Ludington

Hey, all, Nan here! Our view this morning over to the left there. At least three times a day, one of us says, "Wow, what a great room we've got!" I could so wake up to this every day!!

We got a good start this morning by deciding to use my memory instead of Gigi and it was a peaceful ride to Pentwater. I actually remembered how to get there and we were so jacked to wander that cute little town and check out the shops. However, when we got there about 80 percent of the shops were closed! Serious! Apparently, cute little beach towns in Michigan simply roll up their streets after Labor Day. So, we checked out a couple that were open, mailed Grandboy his T-shirt (Liz got to be in a post office--it made her smile!), and then scooted farther north to Ludington.

Lizzy had been wanting a pedi since we got up, so we found a nice little salon on the main drag and stopped for an hour of self-indulgence. Aren't our feet lovely?And yes, mine is the giant foot on the right, Liz is the little delicate thing on the left. What can I say? I'm all Irish peasant... Liz is probably royalty or something. I should be doing her laundry--oh, wait... no, I'll let her tell you about that.

Anyway, post pedis, we drove to the beach and checked out the Ludington lighthouse and then had a late lunch at a restaurant that was actually an ice cream parlor dating back to the early 1900s, I think, called House of Flavors--do you love that name? Unbelievably good ice cream! Here's Liz's Tennessee Toffee, which was toffee ice cream layered with sweet whiskey sauce and Heath Bar pieces (yeah, that's a direct quote from the menu).

Tomorrow is some history stuff here in Muskegon and maybe the afternoon by the pool if the weather permits....

Liz checking in, and the afternoon by the pool is sounding pretty appealing. I am tired, even if Nan did do my laundry. Which she didn't, by the way. It was a joint effort, although I did get lost somewhere between the pool and the laundry room. There's no GPS, sun, or compass to tell me where to go inside buildings, so I just get a little...misplaced.

We shilled our swag at a bookstore in Ludington, The Windowsill, and at Cherry Point Farm and Market, People were nice and receptive. The owner of the market, Barbara E. Bull, writes, too, but she wasn't there today.

We went to Little Sable (pronounced Sobble) Point Lighthouse this afternoon. The wind was blowing and the surf was pounding and it was one of the most beautiful, inspiring places I've ever been. While we were there, we watched kiteboarders and got to talk to one for a while. We didn't get his name, but he was in his early 20s and I pinky swear he stepped right off the cover of a romance novel.

Three times now, we've been accompanied on the roadside by small flocks of turkeys. They're fun to watch but they tend to disappear into the greenery when you try to take their pictures.

We're sitting here having a glass of Beach Cotttage Vacation White from 12 Corners Vineyards. It's been another great day On the Road Again. Waylon and I are signing off. See you tomorrow!