Thursday, September 17

Postcards from the Road, Day 4 - Muskegon

We’re working tonight. No, really, we are. We’re in the dining room of the hotel, which everyone who knows me understands is one of my favorite places in the world to work. On my first book, when I had edits to do—God, that was so exciting!—Duane took me to the Hampton Inn in Kokomo, Indiana for the night. He watched TV while I sat downstairs for hours fixing and cringing and being excited, edits! I was one of the big girls now, for sure.

So here we are in Michigan. Working away and 
Amber, Ryan, and Bryce
looking out at the lake sometimes and talking to the great people here in the Lake Effect Bistro & Lounge.See the pic to the right--our chef, sous chef, and server--really nice folks! Amazing bean soup and chicken salad sandwich!

Nan just said she got a chapter done so now she has to celebrate. Again. Segue to the bottle on the table. I on the other hand have eked out about 700 words of...well, something. We’ll see where it goes. Or if it does.

Y'know what just occurred to me? We're leaving Muskegon tomorrow. That means I have to pack up my orange suitcase again, and I fear I've made purchases that might not fit. Michigan, you know, is famous for its fudge. Not to mention sweatshirts.

And something else--oops, just a minute. I have to look at the menu. First things first. Okay, that's done.

We haven't done any commercials on this great journey. Other than the links which we hope you went to visit because they were fun. So I'm announcing the great Nan Reinhardt here. If you haven't read about the Women of Willow Bay, it's time. They are a great bunch and believe me when I say they're going to get greater. Here's a link to her Amazon page. Go on over and order a book...or all of them. Once More from the Top is the first Women of Willow Bay title and I have a real soft spot for it.

I'm off for the night. Duane? I'm thinking of you and lovin' you!

Nan here... only a little worse for the half bottle of Michigan Riesling I've consumed over the past three hours. It's pretty darn good wine and hasn't seemed to interfere with creativity in the least. Or maybe it's just that I'm working in a hotel dining room with Liz, which I sincerely hope makes me one of the big girls, too. Whatever, it's been a productive day on the writing vacation. Best of all, I'm unstuck! I'm writing!

This morning, we went to the Hackley-Hume Historic site to see a couple of unbelievably gorgeous Victorian homes. Go take a look. We'll wait. Ah, you're back! Aren't they something? Then we scooted down the road to have lunch at Grand Traverse Pie Company--great salads and quiche and I had peach pie. Liz didn't have pie, but there is the whole fudge thing... so...

After lunch, we came back to the hotel and hit the outdoor pool by the marina. It was relaxing and refreshing in spite of the gull we watched explore our open hotel room window. Yikes! It didn't go in, thank heaven! But it occurred to us that even being on the sixth floor, it might be a good idea to close the window when we're not in the room.

We've been passing out swag all over the place--well received mostly with only a few people who just gave us blank stares. Ah, well... Speaking of promotion--we were, right? Head over to Liz's Amazon page and check out all her great books! She is and always will be one of my very favorite authors. She'll be one of yours too--if you need a suggestion, start with One More Summer or no, A Soft Place to Fall or no, no, Back to McGuffey's or maybe... oh, heck, just read them all. You'll be glad you did!

Thinking of closing up shop and spending some time with my Kindle or hey, maybe I'll teach Lizzy how to Farkle. Hey, Husband--I miss your face and I love you!


  1. I love following you, Liz, and all of your writer friends! How exciting! Ahhh, you make me smile and support my dreams... Jo-Ann

  2. what a fun trip - okay, we really need to know: did you guys accomplish all your goals for the trip?

    1. Oh, crap! Were we supposed to have goals on this trip? Ummm...

  3. Nan--congrats on the writing breakthrough! That's awesome. And it's good to hear that you girls have squeezed in some writing on your writing trip ;)

    1. I sense a hint of facetiousness there, Margie. Can that be?

    2. Thanks, Margie! And yeah, I totally think she's being a little facetious, but funny!