Friday, September 18

Postcards from the Road--Day 5, Grand Haven and Holland

Nan here--Day 5 began with breakfast and checking out of the glorious Shoreline Inn in Muskegon. Seriously, if you're ever headed for Muskegon, consider staying there--it's beautiful and I'd go back in a heartbeat! We sat and chatted in the dining room for about two hours, which means we lingered over cereal, but Lizzie and I have no problem lingering over any food and conversation. Finally, we packed up and got on the road in the rain...

We headed south without benefit of Gigi's counsel because it was a route I've traveled so many time I got us right to the heart of Grand Haven without her instructions. Right off, I have to put in a disclaimer--if I ever moved to Michigan, this is the town I'd want to live in. I love it here and I was thrilled to share it with Liz. We hit the library first thing and man, what a library! It was amazing! They even have a parking garage! And they were so nice as we shilled our books--took the information, smiled, acknowledged us as real writers. We appreciated their graciousness. Frankly, our reception at other libraries on the trip has been less than enthusiastic. Ho hum... you're writers? <yawn>

Then as the sun broke through the clouds, we wandered around town, shopped a little, checked out the plaza and the musical fountain (which is done for the season--big surprise), and had lunch at a cute little cafe that was too girly for words. We found a bookstore (The Bookman), where once again we were received with kindness and interest. So note to self, Grand Haven-ites seem very open to new authors.

We did Holland next, but I'll turn it over to Liz because we were all about the quilt stores in Holland.

Tonight, dinner in Saugatuck, tomorrow more wandering around Saugatuck that could possibly include a winery or two...hmmm...

Hey, everybody--it's Liz. My friend Mary asked me if we'd hit any quilt shops, which left us no alternative but to...yup, that's right...hit quilt shops. After lunch (and ice cream) we went to Fields' Fabrics, which was on the order of a regional Jo-Ann Fabrics without the craft sections. The nice ladies there gave us directions to Pressing Matters Quilt Shoppe, where there were more nice ladies who liked hearing about and from Women Who Write Books. I got a handy stack of fat quarters I didn't need, but that gets us into talking about addiction, so I'm just not going there.

Not many pics today, but we saw this--the one on the right--in an antiques store today and took it for Margie, who will know exactly what it means. I hope she tells you about it soon because it has to do with a concept that is just so cool!

Below is a little present for Ava Cuvay, who will be joining us soon--don't miss her Word Wranglers Debut next week!


  1. OMG! I love the suitcases! I was reading this on my phone first thing this morning, and the picture came before the explanation, and I thought, "Is that for me???" And it was! Thank you, girls! It's perfect. Now, I'm even more jealous that I'm not our carousing with you two :) Have fun on the final leg of your journey.

  2. Sounds like so much fun and I love the window you took a photo of about the shoes. Too funny!