Thursday, October 22

Puzzling It Out

by Margie Senechal

This is my view this morning out my writing window. I moved the bird feeder and house into that tree for that specific reason. Sometimes I just aimlessly stare out the window at them. And at my wishing wells. I have three of them  in my yard. They're pretty tattered at this point, but they inspire me to dream. As does this view.

I call it plotting. As I am not an outliner or plotter, being able to be still and study a tree, birdhouse, and wishing well are integral to my 

Where Kristi and Liz find their plot stalls solved with a turn at the sewing machine, Nan finds hers with a glass of wine, and I have no idea where Ava finds hers--I find mine in the pieces of a puzzle or a quiet drive.

This week I figured out two major plot lines to keep my story going. Until then I was worried my book might top out at around 10K because the hero and heroine seemed on their HEA path too quickly and without much fuss. Never a good thing.

And I'm excited about these plot twists because they're character-driven and not just manufactured. So, that's a good thing.

Today I'm starting this puzzle. A Halloween themed one by Bella Pilar--love her stuff. She does the bookcovers of Heather Blake's Witch series. I love Bella's whimsey. 

This is one of those puzzles that isn't fully interlocking. It's got edges that blend into the others. I'm not sure I got all the edges separated out because there were some questionable ones. Kind of like plot lines. Sometimes we think of something that might work, but it just doesn't fit completely. 

Although, I figured out what's to come in my book, I haven't totally nailed down how to get there. For that, I'm going to keep listening to Brigadoon, sorting out the frame of my puzzle, and perhaps take a long drive and see if the voices will come.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Great post, Margie! I hope your voices come.

  2. I love how puzzles help you with your writing - that is so cool. And your bird houses are great! I had a couple a couple of years ago that were house/feeder combinations. But I kept forgetting to fill the feeders so the birds found another house to traffic. :) Maybe in the spring I'll get myself in gear again!

    1. I have rotting apples, so the birds stick around for a while. LOL. I do want to get some bird see out there in that swing, tho so I can watch them. I should move my bird bath over, but I don't make time to fill it when it's practically right outside my door, so who am I kidding???

  3. I know what you mean about sorting out plot lines, Margie--it's hard and sometimes you need to step away--into sewing or an evening with a glass of wine (Ava too!!) or your kids (There's another one I bet Ava uses) or a puzzle. Love this one by the way! I've never seen Bella's work, but it's charming. Congratulations on figuring out how to extend your story! That's always a relief, isn't it?

    1. It tis, it tis. Barnes and Noble is where I find her puzzles.