Thursday, November 19

A Week Of Good Days

by Margie Senechal 

You know, Neil Gaiman is right. Nothing else much matters when you have a good writing day.

This week I took Liz's advice on Monday and made time to write.

I wrote on the only paper I had available 4X6 index cards that I had in my lunch box as I'd inadvertently left my notebook with my last pages written at home.

Without the prompt, I dove into the next scene and just wrote. My mind always works best when I'm not committed to the computer. I know it's probably one of those "writer" myths we like to tell ourselves. 

But, I'm a writer and I like my myths, the things I believe about my process. Like I have to write on graph paper because it isn't a commitment. Why am I so afraid of commitment??? Mmmm

I read a quote earlier in the week from Neil Gaiman about when he comes to a stalling point, he'll work on another project. Darned if I can find that quote now--although I found some other ones to fill the space. If you want to get inspired, Google Neil Gaiman writing quotes.

Anyway, I started thinking about Mistletoe Kiss book that I had an idea for last year. Probably because Christmas is on the horizon and Mistletoe is in the air--or in my case, on the shelf at work.

So, when I hit a stall in my suitcase book, I dredged up Mistletoe Kiss and wrote two chapters. I wrote at lunch with Jordan and at the table while Kristen and Mike watched the Blazers lose in OT last night.   

And now I'm going to post this blog and get back to work--writing.

Thank you, Liz and Neil Gaiman for the great advice.  


  1. sounds like you're finding a writing groove!! Good for you for making the time!

  2. Hope so! Maybe I should make it a 21 day challenge so it becomes a regular habit. Actually that's not a bad idea...

  3. The only challenge I was ever successful at was the 100-word-a-day challenge. It really did work, because some days I'd go ahead and write a lot, even though there were days of absolute drivel, too. At least I was there! :-)